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Great Trousers. Quality is awesome. Fit nicely with suspenders.

Chicoine - US
Para Trousers (2009-09-05)
Outstanding! Great fit, quality, and superb service!!!!

Roorda - US
nice (2009-08-07)
these trousers are really nice they fit well and are of good quality.

Lockard - US
US M42 Paratrooper Trouser Reinforced (2009-08-04)
quality material, and extremely well put together 10/10

Hiscock - GB
M42 Paratrooper pants, (2009-07-22)
The pants are extremely well made and of a most unexpected quality.
They are fantastic and very comfortable.
Thanks, WPG and Jerry for your prompt and efficient service.
Dr. Christopher Harvey.

Harvey - AU
Look the Part (2009-07-11)
As a history teacher I know how important presentations w/ real exhibits are for children to learn. These trousers and the field jacket will allow kids to 'handle' w/out worry for the real thing. Excellent addition to my classroom collection!

abril - US
M42 trousers (2009-05-07)
These trousers have the most comfortable fit ive ever felt. the sizing was a little off, but not by much.

Erickson - US
trousers paratroupers (2009-04-26)
all the best advised very very good

Luciano - IT
US M42 Paratrooper Trouser Reinforced (2009-02-04)
Merci pour ce pantalong, qui me permet de terminer ma tenue.Il est parfait.
je vais pouvoir allez en Normandie et faire les photos prévues... Merci :)

M42 Reinforced Jump Trousers (2008-11-26)
Like the M42 reinforced jump jackets our reinforced trousers came within a few days, half way around the globe. They are crafted right and made of great fabrics. All buttons are fastened well and the seams are durable. Just the perfect size after asking for Jerry´s advice. We are satisfied with our purchase. Well done WPG!

Sachse - GERMANY
paratrooper pants (2008-11-26)
Also fit well and excellent details.

Dockall - US
Great stuff (2008-11-11)
I just wanted to update you that the size 36 M42 pants, send directly from California, arrived at my home today.
I am speechless, as I received an item which is much better than I expected!! Great stuff! I am looking forward to the other M42 jump suit jackets and pants
coming from Dubai Warehouse. I will drop you a line as soon as the items arrive.

Juergen - Monheim, Germany
US M42 Paratrooper Trouser Reinforced (2008-11-06)
Love the trousers very good fit and finish to them second set of trouser order will continue love them

hastings - US
Very Nice! (2008-11-03)
Well made, excellent details, but the sizing is a little off. My size 42 was snug even though I wear a 38" waist jean.

Bransford - US
Very Happy (2008-10-22)
Excellent made pants. Very impressed with the quality. Fast shipping as always!

Thornton - US
High Quality of Detail (2008-10-14)
I am rather impressed with the amount of detail put into these trousers! High caliber of quality, with a good, sturdy cotton fabric. Even the expedient shipping impressed me.

Brown - US
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