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2nd to None (2011-09-04)
Fine Quality. Looks great. Nice item. Will order again. Thank You WPG.

terry - United States
2nd to None (2011-09-04)
Fine Quality. Looks great. Nice item. Will order again.

terry - United States
Binocular strap (2011-07-05)
Much better tham most modern straps. Quick delivery.

Eardley - GB
Perfect fit on my 6 X 30's... (2011-05-17)
After lubricating with Lexol and brushing away the corrosion...this strap fit securely on my binoculars...just as the original did...

hamilton - US
Binocular strap (2011-03-24)
Great strap and very good service as usually.

Michal - CZ
Leather Binocular Strap (2011-03-22)
The design was very close to original. Needed to have some of the verdegris cleaned off prior to shipment. This stuff is o.k. when you are buying an original, but all it shows on a repro is storage under hot and humid conditions.

Speer - US
Leather binocular strap (2011-03-17)
A fantastic authentic looking replacement strap, the brass fixings came with green verdigris around them, which actually gives the strap that "original" look. Thank you to the WPG team for a great service.

Nicholas - GB
Bino Strap (2011-02-17)
Just like the originals!! A great item for replacement!! Thanks again WPG

Gary - Pennsylvania/USA
US Binocular strap (2011-01-14)
Quality item, fast shipping, all good.

Terry - AU
Mr. (2011-01-11)
Excellent strap for the field glasses! A head above the last I bought from another dealer. I'll be back!

K.L.Bowers - US
Binocular strap (2011-01-08)
Excellent quality strap.

Cooper - US
Bino Strap (2010-10-28)
Nice strap, makes my binos look new

Lawrence - US
US Binocular Strap (2010-09-13)
Excellent quality, heavy duty strap. Perfect for getting both my WWI and WWII binos back in action and safely strung around my neck. Thanks Jerry!

Armbruster - US
No Worries Now.. (2010-08-23)
I can now confidently wear my WW1 6x30 on horseback without fearing of them falling off my neck from a dry rotted strap. One humble suggestion: minor fitting required for the 6x30 attachment loops(not to the Binocs!). Acquire some 150 or 220 grain sand paper and sand the edges down for a narrower smoother fit through the loops on the binoc body. Use some dental floss and loop it through the existing hole in the strap, push the strap with one hand and pull the floss with the other. Pull enough of the starp through and remove the floss and the rest of the strap will follow. Careful with the dental floss it can cut! Once fitted apply Lexol leather conditioner to the strap and case and will stand up to just about any reasonable conditions. Lexol is has no petroleum base and will extend the life of all leather products! Thanks again Jerry!

Rivas - US
Ted (2010-06-27)
A nice addition to my set of binoculars. Stronger than other straps I've seen.

Johnson - US
reenactor (2010-04-14)
nice reproduction

Henson - US
US Binocular Strap (2010-03-31)
A perfect match to originals.

Kilroy - IT
US Binocular Strap (2010-02-27)
Very sound.

243Herbert - US
oldchouff, france (2009-11-22)
perfect! looks like required!

hadjadje - FR
Binocular Strap (2009-10-31)
Item like described! Very fast shipment!!

Disse - DE
very pleased (2009-10-11)
I am very pleased with the two straps. They are EXACT mirror images of ones that just rotted away last month on a pair of field glasses worn by my Dad in WW2. Many thanks.

Brehm - US
U.S. binocular strap (2009-09-14)
Excellent repro. Looks just like an original. Fast shipping.

Viswat - US
Binocular strap (2009-08-29)
Identical to my original....nice job

Michaud - US
Mr. (2009-08-29)
Nice strap

Solomon - US
jim (2009-08-09)
item was shipped promptly. very pleased with the quality. look and work great, thanks

harriman - US
strap (2009-07-16)
I didn't receive it somebody must of forgot

znaniec - US
US binocular strap (2009-05-26)
Works great. Nicely made. Keep up the good work!

Berte - US
Binocular strap (2009-02-19)
The leather was excellent and will replace to non-original one on my 1942 6x30 binoculars.

Knight - US
Binocular straps (2009-01-04)
These leather straps are perfect in every detail, down to the correct trim lines and brass keepers. Now I just have to get used to not worrying about old leather straps breaking and dropping my vintage signal corps binoculars.

Frank - Califronia, US.
Bino strap (2009-01-02)
This is a good quality strap, a small item, but essential for keeping gear in its place, securely.

Schwartzlose - US
Good replicate (2008-05-16)
I have now received the items I ordered recently (x 5 British Army replica webbing binocular straps and x 3 U.S. Army replica leather binocular straps) and would just like to say thankyou - not only for the goods, which are are of good quality and as described - but also for the professional way in which your company dealt with my order.

The site is good, the products are good - well done peaple - I shall no doubt order from you again in the future..



Michael Wilson - London, UK
Binocular Strap (2008-02-25)
Very nice reproduction of the original. Color matches well to my original. Brass fittings are exact duplicates.

Mark - IN, USA
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