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British Brown WWII Style Mug (2010-03-09)
Perfect repro, and very fast shipping!

Pierre - FR
British Brown Mug (2010-02-17)
A perfect repro... Thanks!

Emidio José - BRASIL
Ged (2010-02-13)
better produced than any i could find in England thanks again, not disappointed

Miley - GB
British brown mug (2010-02-12)
Excellent repro, fast shipping...

Emidio - Brasil
cup/mug (2010-01-19)
looks great, but is it paint or baked on finish? safe to drink from or lead in paint?

Kowalski - US
mug (2009-12-14)
really nice

Mattioli - IT
Mug (2009-12-12)
Another quality repro, recomended item for field events.

World cup (2009-11-16)
Bought one in the US - Loved it but forgot to pack it so had one shipped to China - Using it on set and I still love it. Stop thinking about it and buy one.

Lawrence - US
British brown ww2 style mug (2009-11-07)
Rocket fast deliver as if WPG were just down the street, more than adequate reproduction, impressed with the comparison to my original which is too beat up to use for other than a shaving mug at this point, High marks and high recommendations for WPG.

Gutoski - US
WW2 british tin cup (2009-11-04)
For the money you cant beat it. Handle isnt perfect. The shape is a little off and too thick. Finish dosnt seem exactly as originals. Very good though.

Randall - US
Good repro, it's a pity that the mug is not as shiny as the original enamel.

cottarel - FR
Brown mug (2009-08-29)
Good repro. Nice to see such a well made item for something so mundane.

Tatham - CA
Brown mug (2009-08-20)
Good looking Mug .

Petros - Germany
? (2009-08-12)
Perfect Repro, very good Quality

Sergent - AU
British Brown WWII Style Mug (2009-07-25)
Nice mug, correct color brown, I would suggest to change only the handle to a slightly thinner design to match my originals but other than that I'm very pleased with this mug.

Barrett - US
British Brown WWII Style Mug (2009-07-01)
Looks and feels like it should, great for tea

Paulson - US
Perfect (2009-06-20)
Perfect Repro, very good Quality.

Schatull - DE
Brown mug (2009-06-16)
What a brilliant item. Quality repro to finish that attention to detail and to get a brew from.

Melchett - GB
Muggy (2009-05-19)
Really fine reproduction The quality is great and it is perfect for "The Look" and everyday use. This will become a "go to" item for me. Love it.

Lawrence - US
British Brown WWII Style Mug (2009-02-25)
Very good quality. Incredible speedy delivery.

Faggion - ITALY
British Brown WWII Style Mug (2009-02-06)
Perfect! As usual, just what one would expect from WPG - the very best reproductions, fast service, great prices -thank you again.

Dunford - CANADA
excellent item (2008-11-30)
like original, perfect for trip to nature

Stanek - Czechslovakia
Good Stuff (2008-09-20)
Yep, it''ll work. Definitely will keep your hands warm when waiting on the ground crew to finish loading the ammo into your B-17 on that cold English morning of another mission against the Reich! Price is really good for these.

Jeff - Ft. Riley, KS
perfect item (2008-09-03)
Nice new item, perfectly packed and shipped.

Versluis - NL
Nice mug (2008-02-22)
Outstanding mug for the price, will be great for coffee on those cold Sat. mornings, much better to handle then the canteen cup

Derek - Los Angeles
Brit brown mug (2008-01-15)
Well constructed. Strucdy handle. Use at home or on manouvers. Well worth the $.

Johnnie - Maryland
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