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WW2 british tin cup (2009-11-04)
For the money you cant beat it. Handle isnt perfect. The shape is a little off and too thick. Finish dosnt seem exactly as originals. Very good though.

Randall - US
Good repro, it's a pity that the mug is not as shiny as the original enamel.

cottarel - FR
Brown mug (2009-08-29)
Good repro. Nice to see such a well made item for something so mundane.

Tatham - CA
Brown mug (2009-08-20)
Good looking Mug .

Petros - Germany
? (2009-08-12)
Perfect Repro, very good Quality

Sergent - AU
British Brown WWII Style Mug (2009-07-25)
Nice mug, correct color brown, I would suggest to change only the handle to a slightly thinner design to match my originals but other than that I'm very pleased with this mug.

Barrett - US
British Brown WWII Style Mug (2009-07-01)
Looks and feels like it should, great for tea

Paulson - US
Perfect (2009-06-20)
Perfect Repro, very good Quality.

Schatull - DE
Brown mug (2009-06-16)
What a brilliant item. Quality repro to finish that attention to detail and to get a brew from.

Melchett - GB
Muggy (2009-05-19)
Really fine reproduction The quality is great and it is perfect for "The Look" and everyday use. This will become a "go to" item for me. Love it.

Lawrence - US
British Brown WWII Style Mug (2009-02-25)
Very good quality. Incredible speedy delivery.

Faggion - ITALY
British Brown WWII Style Mug (2009-02-06)
Perfect! As usual, just what one would expect from WPG - the very best reproductions, fast service, great prices -thank you again.

Dunford - CANADA
excellent item (2008-11-30)
like original, perfect for trip to nature

Stanek - Czechslovakia
Good Stuff (2008-09-20)
Yep, it''ll work. Definitely will keep your hands warm when waiting on the ground crew to finish loading the ammo into your B-17 on that cold English morning of another mission against the Reich! Price is really good for these.

Jeff - Ft. Riley, KS
perfect item (2008-09-03)
Nice new item, perfectly packed and shipped.

Versluis - NL
Nice mug (2008-02-22)
Outstanding mug for the price, will be great for coffee on those cold Sat. mornings, much better to handle then the canteen cup

Derek - Los Angeles
Brit brown mug (2008-01-15)
Well constructed. Strucdy handle. Use at home or on manouvers. Well worth the $.

Johnnie - Maryland
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