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Good shape (2010-07-01)
You want to be a medic !?
Take "it" now !

Shinawat - US
US Morphine syrette (2010-06-07)
Perfect for a museum exhibit on Wartime rationing and salvage.

Schade - US
Morphine syrette (2010-05-23)
This is the second one I've bought, should have ordered more!!!!
Excellent item

Jones - GB
Morphine syrette (2010-05-22)
Second one I've bought, should have got more!!!!
Excellent item!!

Jones - GB
US Morphine syrette (2010-05-16)
Great Reproduction for the corpsman bag

George - US
syrettes (2010-05-10)
Very fast shipping, well made product, fair pricing and shipping, many thanks

caffrey - GB
Morphine Syrette (2010-04-28)
Not bad made......

Lavin - US
US Morphine syrette (2010-04-06)
Box was a littel crushed, but still nice.

Paulson - US
morphine (2010-04-03)
fast and accurate! amazing impression

hadjadje - FR
US Morphine syrette (2010-03-21)
Excellent item, the best for my display

Scheiflinger - AT
Morphine Syrettes (2010-03-13)
We all know that the US had them in WW2, but I found out from the army medic museum in the UK, that these were used by the British army medics as well, so I ordered a few for my medkit. I received them within a few days (nice work WPG). The writing on the boxes were a bit smudged (is that deliberate?), but the syrettes themselves are excellent. Fantastic value for money and heartily recommended. Now if WPG could do the surgeons instrument roll.....?

Youngs - GB
Morphine Syrette (2010-03-04)
Great addition to my airborne kit!!!

Scarabino - US
re-enactor (2010-01-20)
Good reproduction, had to reglue the label on and the plastic needle cover was cracked both I believe were shipping damage related. The price was defenitely right.

Schuettpelz - US
Excellent reproduction (2010-01-07)
Great filler for that med kit.

Chris - NZ
5 (2010-01-01)
Terrific addition to my medical kit.

Cervone - US
Received (2009-12-12)
Right what looked for

Gascon - ES
BARGAIN (2009-12-05)
Perfect for the job, well packed and well despatched. THANK YOU US Morphine syrette

Morphine Syrette (2009-11-11)
Excellent item!,will definitly add to my display!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jones - GB
mr (2009-10-16)
it was so good irish customs thought it was a real morphine syrette.its gone off for exam.

doyle - IE
Mr (2009-10-04)
Extremely well made, arrived in perfect condition.

Toohey - AU
syrette (2009-09-09)
shipped as compass needles I am sure for custioms, verynice product, heavy for its size.
would order more.

Hattier - US
Morphine Syrettes (2009-08-30)
Perfect addition for a medic or FMF corpsman impression. I tried to made a few before finding these, and it is extremely difficult.

Meyer - US
US Morphine Syrette (2009-07-29)
Great item!!! Very cheap but extremely well made! Great bargain!! Arrived in perfect condition.

Ed Corley - US
Great item (2009-07-28)
Looks the part and comes with a spare label - good stuff!

Vial - GB
Morphine (2009-06-21)
Very well reproduced item!

Sawyer - US
well done (2009-05-30)
just what i was looking for. it''s perfect

c ward - CANADA
morphine syrette (2009-02-06)
I was extremely impressed with the realism, although I have never seen the real thing up close, I believe these are accurate portrayals of the real thing, might need DEA permission to posses!

Zaborowski - US
Neat! (2009-01-11)
Very neat item!

Marcum - US
syrette (2009-01-08)

Small - US
morphine syrette (2009-01-07)
wonderfull reproduction , article looks like an original ! Thanks for quick shipping . Best regards J.F GAUTIER ..

jean - FRANCE
A must have (2008-09-23)
This is very high Qulity repro and a must have for any Medic or G.I. with a tie-on frist aid pouch.

Robert Pursifull - Dearborn, MI
Beautiful reproduction! (2008-09-08)
I received my syrettes and was eager to inspect their quality and level of detail.

Every syrette is induvidually placed in a yellow box which is true in detail to the boxes used during the war, with correct printing.

Taking out the syrette i was amazed by their look and level of detail. The body is made of solid metal with a label true to the ones used during the war. You also receive an extra label for each syrette which was nice incase you lose or damage the one on the body. A needle is attached from the body with a wire loop at the end and a guard. A clear plastic cap is placed over the needle securing it.

This syrette is an awsome reproduction of the ones used during the war and a must have for any reenactor, especially for people doing a medic impression. I highly recommend it!


Jensen - NORWAY
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