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Watchband with Cover (2009-12-08)
Super fast delivery.
Excellent reproduction.
Solid construction.
Very pleased.

Ireton - CA
Supervisor (2009-12-07)
Just what I was looking for.

Brown - US
Watchband with Cover (2009-11-14)
Very fast delivery. The watchbands (with cover) I received were exactly as described & displayed on the WPG web site. Solid construction. Excellent reproduction.

Ireton - CA
US Leather Watchband with Cover (2009-09-17)
Coole tool. Very good leather and gread for modern watches.

Kuhlmann - DE
Paratrooper Watchband. (2009-08-30)
Protects any watch and hides a modern watch from the public during presentations.

Meyer - US
Very Professional ! (2009-08-01)
Yes, I did receive my order. I appreciate your prompt, courteous and professional service. This is my first time to do business with you,
but will not be the last. .

John - US
U.S. Leather Watchband w/Cover (2009-07-30)
Now I don't have to worry about damaging the crystal on my field watch. Great service and product

Messinger - US
Nice item (2009-07-21)
I have small wrists, but this fit me well. I hope to use it with a Benrus re-issue military watch I picked up on ebay. The cover cup fits perfectly on the strap when it is worn on the wrist. This will be a very useful item for any outdoor activity. Leather goods have a finite life span, but I'm hoping to get a good wear period out of it assuming a reasonable amount of care.

As new leather, the strap that needs to be pulled out of the slots to fit the watch stuck a bit where the press stud was located, and I needed to pry the strap gently from the stud with a letter opener, being careful to avoid tearing the strap. The strap wouldn't budge till I did this. This wasn't a problem, just a heads up for those not used to dealing with newly manufactured leather.

Mac - CA
watch band (2009-07-14)
The watch band looks great! Appears to be strongly made. Looks just like the real one1

Watson - US
US Leather Watchband with Cover (2009-06-23)
Just perfect for my 551st Pib at Panama reenacting gear, i love that !

Thank you WPG !

Thibaut - FR
US Watch band/cover (2009-06-22)
I found the smallest watch in my humble collection: d=32mm lug size 16mm. Note this fits tightly into the cover. And i like it! I do not think the cover would fit on vietnam era The band could be a little shorter for my wrist size(180mm).Very fast delivery from door to door in my case. All in all i am very pleased with WPG Thank you! G Lindemann.SWEDEN

Göran - Sweden
Leather Watchband with Cover (2009-06-22)
Excellent reproduction of ww2 gear Thank!!

Florian - FR
watchband (2009-06-09)
Great product, Fits my WWII watch very well.

Koziel - US
Excellent quality...for a very low price! (2009-05-23)
A great job. The leather on mine was a bit dry, as received, but that is easily remedied. Nicely made, and the price is fantastic.

McDermott - US
could be made in two sizes (2009-04-29)
This could be made in two sizes as the current size fits the WWII period US Army watches perfectly but for those with larger watches, a larger size could be made that also has a longer strap so that it can be worn on the outside of the outer coats and jackets or flying gear. Now that I see how it is made, I guess a larger one can be replicated at home..... Otherwise, it is very nice.

Bobka - US
US Leather Watchband with Cover (2009-04-04)
Fast turn around.

Barebo - US
too small (2009-03-28)
the watchband is nicely made...but the only watch thats fits inside is a very small ladies watch....looks good, but not practical at all.

Sam - USA
Watch cover (2009-03-27)
Outstanding! I love this item. I''ve been wearing it to work to break it in and the guys like it too (we break a lot of watches in the grinding shop). I normally don''t like the extra strap length on repro items but this one is just fine.


Allen - Oregon, USA

Keras - US
U.S leather watchband with cover (2009-01-25)
Great product with excellent service and delivery time was very quick.

Kutinsky - CANADA
Awesome (2008-12-25)
Great Product! Had to hunt around for a Retro-Style Mil. Watch to fit it, but that wasn''t to hard. I''m glad I got it!!

Don - Florida USA
watch band (2008-12-20)
Super. Strap is a little long. I can take care of that very easily. Been wanting on of these for 50 years. Ever since I saw Erol Flynn's in a war movie. Back To Burma I believe.

Polski - US
US Leather Watchband and Cover (2008-11-25)
Having viewed some originals over the years, this one looks exactly like the ones I've seen, except this one is intact and not beat up! Good Job!

Houston - US
watchband (2008-11-05)
looks great but won't fit my repro watch from another vendor

rogers - US
rocket bags (2008-11-05)
great product and price

rogers - US
watch band (2008-11-05)
thanks for this wonderful transaction very fast and as good as i was expected
thanks a lot

thomas - FRANCE
product review (2008-10-14)
product was very good quality. expidited shipment. very impressed.

Rodgers - US
OK (2008-09-08)
Just to say it is PERFECT.

franc - BELGIUM
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