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Cape/Groundsheet (2009-06-08)
Pretty much as I remember them. They survived into the 60s, in some cases. Not yet tied it under "service" conditions (ie rain), but looks and feels good. One oddment: I seem to remember that the bottons were on the normal, right side. This has its buttons on the left. Is this because Americans and most Europeans drive on the (wrong!) right side of the road?!?

Holford - IE
rain cape (2009-04-12)
fine one, very useful and practical
very fast delivery

thierry - FRANCE
British khaki rain cape (2009-01-26)
Exactly what I wanted, excellent product and
fast delivery, although I have not tried it in
the rain yet

Turner - UK
Rain cape is good, but two comments. (2009-01-21)
I waited to write a review of this cape until I had the change to test it properly, using it on a long hike on a rainy and stormy day.
The cape does not only look the part, it keeps you and your gear dry and rather comfortable.
But two comments none the less. Firstly a minor detail: the printed 'INC' inste'ad of 'Ltd' on a 'British' product. (But I noticed this in comments from other customers as well)
Secondly, the little loop from which oen can hang the cape is not strong enough. Not the stitches, the fabric itself tore off because of the weight of the drenched cape.
But I am happy with the product despite of this.

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