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British cotton khaki tie (2009-10-21)
A nice original item.

Iggulden - CA
. (2009-09-10)
nice item and excellent service

Baeza - ES
- (2009-07-25)
nice little item to complete the uniform

Wassenaar - NL
British Cotton Khaki Officer Ties (Original) (2009-04-21)
Good value for money

Micallef - MALTA
British Tie (2009-04-11)
Super fast service and the tie looks great.

McGhee - US
Tie (2009-02-15)
Fast delivery. This is a item you can not find in regular stores. Very please. Great addition to my impression.

Borowski - US
British Cotton Khaki tie (2008-11-23)
Good looking tie - looks unissued to me. Pretty cheap, I'd say, for an original.

Dineen - CANADA
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