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Corporal (2013-04-24)
Will look great in my collection.

Clarke - CA
Chevron feedback (2013-04-23)
Yes very happy

Francis - AU
Good (2013-03-25)
The pair of three bar chevrons I received was remarkably well preserved for it's age, although it is slightly discoloured. But for this price one couldn't ask for more!

Konrad Sladeczek - US
Rank Chevrons (2013-03-22)
Very pleased. Original items in exceptional condition.

Lowry - US
rank chevrons (2013-03-06)
Great service !

de - US
UK Rank Chevrons (Original) (2013-01-03)

Pigliapoco - IT
Terry, Australia (2012-12-18)
Good stuff and cheap as chips.

Holbrook - AU
Wool chevrons (2012-11-05)
Excellent!!!! Very fast shipping!!!

Carpenter - US
Sgt. Chevrons (2012-10-03)
Absolutely perfect and delivered to the UK in record time!

Bryn Spawton - GB
AJB (2012-10-02)
Very good service. Good price, good quality and exceptionally fast delivery to UK.

boyle - GB
UK Rank Chevrons (Original) (2012-08-26)
Absolutely pristine, 1942 dated Cpl stripes, in unissued condition. Cheaper than the reproduction ones available in the UK. Very impressed.

Bryn Spawton - GB
ranks (2012-08-05)
I like it very much!

Contino - IT
10 (2012-08-01)
excellent stripes as usual ,cant fauilt them in any way ,brilliant

kenny - IE
UK Rank Chevrons (Original) (2012-07-28)
Wonderful original items, broad arrow marked and all. Great price, fast delivery. Highly recomended.

Wright - US
UK Rank Chevrons (Original) (2012-07-05)
Fantastic condition for an item 70 years old! Excellent service!

Henley - AU
cpl stripes (2012-06-04)
great items, will be ordering a few more.

Barker - GB
UK Rank Chevrons (Original) (2012-05-16)
The chevrons were exactly what I wanted, great customer service and fast shipping.

mohammed - US
British Sergeant Stripes (2012-05-16)
Perfect ! and very fast delivery...

Vrolijk - NL
UK Rank Chevrons (Original) (2012-05-13)
Very glad I could order these, top class looks!

van - NL
UK Sergent Stripes (2012-04-18)
Lovely pair of '43 dated Stripes! As always, prompt delivery

Phelan - US
Chevrons (2012-04-18)
Couldn't be happier. My order arrived quickly, and it was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for making that happen!

Jones - US
UK Chevrons (2012-03-31)
Just ordered a pair and have to say that the price is great and customer service is as well. Came with a little dirt on the back, but a bit of soiling is no surprise with military surplus. Thanks, WPG!

Goodell - US
Rank chevrons (2012-03-27)
Fantastic service and so quickly delivered it was like snapping your fingers and hey, presto there, you go!

Thompson - AU
WW2 Brittish stripes (2012-03-22)
Great quality, and for that very reasonable price! Really good service, received in just a few days, much faster than from any other Firms that are much nearer to The Netherlands

van Ommen - NL
UK Rank Chevrons (Original) (2012-03-21)
perfect, graet item "cojonudo"

casariego - ES
very good (2012-03-08)
very good, nothing else...

Sgt chevrons (2012-01-15)
Just the thing when you get promoted, top notch item and super shipping/service.

Gavel - CA
Mr. (2011-11-28)
Like brand new. WPG is the best.

Still - US
rank chevrons (2011-10-26)
very happy and pleased. in great condition. Always a return customer.

Campbell - US
UK Rank Chevrons (Original) (2011-10-26)
They're original and they came so quick and so cheap as well. Thanks WPG!

Henley - AU
UK rank chevrons (2011-10-17)
wonderful piece of history to own.

Pastor - US
chevrons (2011-10-10)
wonderful product and service. They're in great condition. Pleased as always.

Campbell - US
qwe (2011-10-05)
Very fast shipping, great price, great item.

Cusick - US
Mr (2011-09-29)
excellent pair, at an excellent price, buy 'em if you want them!!

Sprack - GB
UK Rank chevrons (2011-08-08)
Excellent, many thanks!

Neelissen - NL
looks like new (2011-06-24)
very hight quality original stuff

frederic - FR
Stripes! (2011-06-14)
Very nice condition for how old they are.

Panhuise - US
UK Rank Chevrons (Original) (2011-06-09)
This is my fourth purchase from WPG and will return again. Quality items, reasonable prices and excellent delivery.

Newman - IE
SGT (2011-05-31)
Absolutely perfect. What else could you expect from an original item. Thanks Jerry. Extremely fast delivery.

Misso - AU
chevron (2011-05-26)
Hi great item we be ordering more at later stage

Prenderville - IE
UK Rank Chevrons (Original) (2011-05-21)
great difficulty in placing

casariego - ES
Thanks Again! (2011-05-12)
Jerry, it is always a pleasure to do business with you!

Wisher - US
Good quality (2011-04-13)
Good quality item & lightning fast shipping!!!

Daniel - DE
original rank chevrons (2011-02-08)
Really nice item, considering their age. Nowadays people don't make these things the way they did before.

Arroyo - PH
original rank chevrons (2011-02-08)
Beautiful item, considering their age. Nowadays people don't make these things the way they did before.

Arroyo - PH
Fantastic (2011-02-06)
Originals, at low price, in perfect condition. What else ????

Major Lafrime - FR
Chevrons (2011-02-06)
Colour matches good, happy to have them

Kosmeijer - NL
Original rank stripes (2011-01-29)
Outstanding as usual. Super fast on delivery and exactly what you order. Can't ask for more, my friend.

Black - US
LCpl Stripes (2011-01-19)
As always, outstanding service and product!!! Would recommend to anyone.

Thomas - CA
british chevrons (2011-01-07)
these are great and as was the price

macneill - US
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