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Plimsolls (2010-03-07)
Very pleased with this hard to find item. They are spot on.Great condition. Quick delivery. Would recommend.

Chumbley - US
Pimsoles (2010-03-06)
Outstanding! Have been looking for these for years. Fortunately for me, a UK size 8/US size 9 is perfection. Can't wait to wear these for my barracks impression at our next event.

Katz - US
plimsolls (2010-03-03)
100% accurate in every way. Ordered size 8 and it fits my size 9 foot perfectly. Thought I would never get a pair of these in as new condition and wearable. Jerry has pulled off a coup getting these!

Steve - melbourne Australia
Plimsolls (2010-02-26)
Absolutely Spiffing; as close as to the pukka ones as one could ever hope for, and comfortable to boot!

Steve - UK
UK Plimsolls (2010-02-24)
Good quality, very satisfied.

Johnnie - HQ 15 Scottish Inf Div, Gambrills MD
PLIMSOLLS (2010-02-21)
Excellent ---first-rate and perfect for period use!!!

Valter - US
Plimsolls (2010-02-18)
One hundred per cent, even to the smell! I never liked them when I was issued them, and I liked them less when they had contained sweaty feet, but these are the absolute twin brothers of those I wore in the service of Her Majesty all those years ago! Well done again, jerry!

Holford - IE
Plims (2010-02-17)
Great bit of kit. Perfect barracks wear and after that long day on the drill square! These shoes feel like heaven after those heavy ammo boots! Plus they are perfect WW2 British Plims for PT and in Hospital.

Keller - US
Pvt (2010-02-17)
Excellent! They complete my PT kit!

Boggs - US
Nice shoes! (2010-02-16)
Awesome Plims. Perfect for PT/commando applications, or Kriegsmarine U-boat shoes. They are also convenient for that 2AM walk to the loo when you are too drunk or fingers too frozen to get your ammo boots on in time.

McNamara - US
WWII Plimsolls (2010-02-14)
Excellent product, dead on for actual wartime ones.

DiMinno - US
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