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WALES (2010-05-26)
Quick clean and wash and the poncho was ready to wear. Good quality and price..

USMC Camouflage Poncho (Original) (2010-05-21)
Fast Delivery, Original USMC Camouflage Poncho with company & date stamp. Great addition to my USMC impression & collection, well worth the money. Thank you.

Peter - SG
USMC WWII Pouncho (2010-05-20)
Looks better then I expected for all these years. I thought the one I already had was mint but this one beats it. Thanks

zayas - US
USMC Camouflage Poncho (Original) (2010-05-14)
Excellent buy. Grab one before he sells out.

Matt - US
. (2010-05-07)
As usual I have another great piece of gear. I have never had anything but exactly what you discribe come in. When you said it was in good condition it was an understatement I feel it was better than that.

Lee - US
USMC Poncho (2010-04-22)
Delivered that fast the paint hadn't even dried, excellent bit of gear.

Holbrook - AU
reenactor (2010-03-12)
this poncho,is vary,vary fine, well worth the money.

Henson - US
Mr (2010-03-11)
Got it extremely fast as well, The Poncho is well worth the money and great addition to my USMC impression as well as collection.

Toohey - AU
USMC Camouflage Poncho (Original) (2010-03-04)
Very pleased...Seems to be of a good material and great quality. Got it extremely fast to boot!!

Thanks again,

Campbell - US
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