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Andrew, AUS (2012-10-02)
Well put together - a really good repro at the right price. Really pleased with how quickly my order arrived.

Dunn - AU
UK P-37 web equipment belt (2012-09-19)
Better made than some originals I have. Overly satisfied, if that's possible!

Gutoski - US
UK P-37 Web Equipment Belt (2012-07-21)
Great item. Perfect complement to my uniform.

McDonald - US
mr (2012-06-18)
Well made and good value.

Williams - GB
perfect (2012-06-16)
EXACT same as original, except in XL to fit me! So awesome, bought this 2nd one for walking out!

Salisbury - US
P37 Belt (2012-06-16)
Well made belt, will get lots of use out of it.

Gibbens - US
P37 Belt AOK (2012-06-03)
Good quality Pakistani manufactured British pattern belt. Worth the price.

Larsen - US
P-37 web belt (2012-06-02)
well made, fast service works great with kilt

Gibbens - US
Great item (2012-05-02)
Totally as new and at a great price.

Perez - ES
p 37 belt (2012-04-26)
ordered 0000 monday, arrived 1130 thursday in utah~amazing. very good and passable reproduction. color is good; weave and weight of webbing is slightly different than the 2 originals i have (though you have to look close), and hardware is ever so slightly different (a little smaller dimensionally- buckle would be just barely incompatible with original were you to mix'n'match for some reason, but straps run through buckles perfectly well)
but don't pass on these if they're what you need. seemingly nobody can fit an original N size, and the extra length is worth 3/4 the already very reasonable price.

erik s - US
really nice (2012-04-17)
really good, like The original one

Werner - BR
Really good (2012-04-12)
Really good

Werner - BR
pat 37 belt (2012-03-30)
Another speedy transaction, great service, great staff and management...and an awesome product.

Radford - AU
P37 Webbing Belt (2012-02-20)
Good repro abit off color and the buckles dont come off but all in all its a good belt

Munford - AU
web belt xl good item (2012-01-06)
very pleased , im a 1st time buyer and will reccomend this seller and the items .
thank you.

alexander - CA
P37 belt (2012-01-03)
Extremely well made, will go with the rest of my outfit.

Gibbens - US
PAT 37 BELT (2011-12-11)
Thye dont come any better than this....and a great company to deal with.

Radford - AU
Outstanding (2011-12-11)
Looks and feels like an original. That's the best compliment I can think of!

Hathcock - US
UK P-37 Web Equipment Belt (2011-11-10)
Another Outstanding item from WPG!! Looks Great, Fits Great and as always FAST delivery!!

Tom - US
Very nice! (2011-10-19)
Looks like an unissued original. Very well made. Good job!

Ray - US
Dr. (2011-10-15)
Excellent product, completely satisfied.

Tehan - US
pat 37 web belt (2011-09-29)
fantastic belts....perfect sevice!!

Radford - AU
p-37 belt (2011-09-06)
great quality. cannot distinguish from an origional

maxwell - US
BELT P37 (2011-07-23)
Same fantanstic service as always....great product

Radford - AU
equipment belt (2011-07-07)
Very good. easy to attach everything. Nice fit.

King - US
P37 web belt (2011-07-07)
Well-made belt, will get lots of use out of it.

Ken - MI
37 belt (2011-06-24)
Belt color is very good, thickness/strengh very good. It will support the weight of a holster & side arm. Not uncomfortable to wear.

Nobles - US
P-37 Web Belt (2011-05-25)
Excellent repro, ideal for walking out belt with excellent fittings. Fast delivery overall great service.

Ball - GB
Belt (2011-05-22)
good quality, very happy

Flora - US
P37 belt (2011-05-18)
Well made stout webbing. With a little blanco it will look great.

lehman - US
web equipment belt (2011-05-03)
Great webbing, hardware and color, perfect back-up to my original.

Arroyo - PH
p-37 belt (2011-04-26)
Cant tell this from a real one...EXACT 100% the same. Super fast service!!

Warren - AU
Web equipment belt (2011-04-14)
Very pleased with the quality, quick service

Gavel - CA
UK P-37 Web Equipment Belt (2011-03-25)
very, very good. Genial, cojonudo y chachi

c.casariego - ES
belt (2011-03-18)
The copy that I ever see !

ww2soldiers - FR
PAT 37 WEB BELT (2011-03-06)
Fantastic repro. awesome service...outstanding value.

Radford - AU
Perfect (2011-03-01)
Best material, cheap prices, fastest shipping!! Excellent

Becchi - IT
very nice reproduction!! (2011-02-24)
Very nice reproduction in man sizes. Fits original equipment like the real thing!

Kane - US
Mr (2011-02-15)
Takes me back to the days of 'Brasso' well made

martin-smith - US
exactly as advertised (2011-02-12)
very quick shipment and exactly a replica of the real thing

Weynand - US
pat 37 belt (2011-01-22)
Very well made and authentic looking in all regards. Very happy.

Radford - AU
great (2011-01-13)
fits perfect, well made. Thanks !

Vrolijk - NL
? (2011-01-05)

I'm very pleased with this belt, I can't fault it.

Boon - CA
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