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Australian Pattern KD Tropical Shirts (2013-03-06)
Very good shirt!!!Best quality!!!

Tereznikov - RU
Australian Pattern KD shirt (2012-10-14)
This shirt looks and fits great. The collar button broke but I easily replaced it. Overall quality is great and it looks smart whith the Bombay Bloomers.

Alex - Scotland
Very happy (2012-10-12)
Well made, fits the bill nicely.

Barron - AU
Drill shirt (2012-10-04)
Having seen original shirts, this one is as close to an original you're going to get. This shirt is a sturdy thick cotton drill and is perfect! Snug fit though.

Dundas-Taylor - AU
Aussie shirts (2012-09-12)
This is the second one of these i have bought and recommend them.

smythe - AU
wpg aussie kd shirts (2012-08-07)
I will be buying another one of these shirts. very good rendition and quality
also quick postage. thanks Jerry and team.

smythe - AU
quality (2012-08-06)
Great quality and rendition of this well known shirt as others have stated.
i will be buying another.
mike in queensland Australia

mike smythe - Australia
Aus KD Shirt (2012-07-28)
Value and authenticity - I will spread the word. Perfect.

Wright - GB
Australian Pattern KD Tropical Shirts (2012-06-02)
will go fine with the tropical shorts I ordered too!

van - NL
Australian shirt (2012-05-31)
Order exactly your size, not like with KD shirt (you need a size up there). Still will shrink a bit after washing. Sleeves a bit too long, but better than opposite. Overall, very sturdy material and cool looking.

Vanovcan - SK
Excellent (2012-05-16)
Nice color, style and fit- Surprised to receive it so quickly

Piedimonte - US
Great Shirt (2012-05-16)
This is a great shirt for all us Aussie fans. I wear a 48 but ordered a 50. Once through the washer and dryer and it fits great!

Kirkham - US
Totally Outstanding! (2012-05-07)
Outstanding product. I will order another one!!!!

Concon - US
Australian KD shirt (2012-03-27)
Marvellous and thanks for getting them made. I will get loads of use from this.

Thompson - AU
Australian Pattern KD Tropical Shirt (2012-03-26)
Very well made and sized . A superior product!

Fenner - US
Australian Pattern Kd Shirt (2012-03-26)
Very nice. Well made, and sized shirt. Superior!

Fenner - US
kd shirt (2012-03-09)
great shirt and the shipping was just unbelievable only a few days to get here

Heynders - AU
Mr (2012-03-05)
Spot on,thankyou WPG. We are a 2nd AIF re-enactment group in the UK and several of our members now have these shirts and will be the recommended shirt of the unit. Would love it if you made the Aussie Jungle shirt and trousers. Digger

Dungworth - GB
australian kd shirt (2012-02-28)
great shirt fits great looking forward to wearing it in the field

nicholls - AU
KD Shirt (2012-02-10)
Wow. This is my new adventure shirt. Made bullet proof, and looks the part!

Armbruster - US
Aust' KD Shirt . (2012-02-08)
Great Quality & fit , Nearly perfect match to my Original .

KauKas - AU
Auusie ww2 shirt KD (2011-12-11)
As close to the real thing as you will get this side of 1940.

Radford - AU
Australian Pattern KD Tropical Shirts (2011-11-14)
The best there is....look no further.!!! Should out last me~~!

Radford - AU
Australian Pattern KD Tropical Shirt (2011-11-10)
Outstanding Item! Great material! Very Good Fit!

Tom - US
Australian Pattern KD Tropical Shirt (2011-11-07)
This proved to be the best reproduction ever seen in our area, well done! Could I suggest that you consider starting your size range from 36" as you have done with other shirt styles.

Ron S. Australia.

Stehn - AU
Australian Pattern KD Tropical Shirts (2011-10-26)
Having seen original shirts, this one is as close to an original you're going to get. This shirt is a sturdy thick cotton drill and is perfect! I'll be wearing mine all of the time!

Henley - AU
Australian Pattern KD Tropical Shirts (2011-10-20)
Got my first shirt in time for going into the jungles of Borneo. Went through the Kelabit Highlands, fought the leeches, sleep in the shirt many nights and it is still good. Good fit and true to given size. Borneo proofed!

Brosch - DE
2/40th AIF Sparrow Force (2011-10-14)
Used in a documentary about 2/40th AIF Battalion "Sparrow Force" in Timor, Pacific theatre 1942.
Excellent shirts, so much better than others I have had made or purchased elsewhere.

Evans - AU
Simon (2011-10-10)
Very large but super quality

Lovell-Smith - GB
A Bonza Shirt! (Bonza = V.Good) (2011-09-15)
Lovely shirt arrived yesterday and I'm v.happy with
it. Very well made. Ta Cobber. (Pls offer it in
Size 54 for my Dad.)

Gibson - AU
Australian shirt (2011-08-08)
Better than I expected. A fine product. I'll have to get another. Thanks Mate

Simmons - US
5 (2011-07-31)
Shirt excellent. Trousers came with pressed metal buttons instead of 3/4 inch dk brown bakelite/plastic buttons, (Disappointing) However trousers well made. (legs too long but easily altered) I am searching for said buttons (plus similar but 1/2 inch spares for shirt) Do you have these buttons & if so, what price?

Frood - AU
Very well made, quality material. (2011-07-05)
This is a very well made product. Thanks for making this Aussie design KD shirt to such a high standard.

Cobber55 - Australia
? (2011-05-25)
Top quality shirt. Fits a niche in the market perfectly.

Pills - AU
Australion shirt (2011-04-28)
Materal thicker than British shirt. Shorter in body' Fine shirt to wear where the sun can take skin off best sun block is good shirt

Hunnewell - US
Aust KD Trop Shirt (2011-04-27)
Thanks. Well built shirt.

van - AU

Tropical shirt (2011-04-18)
Thanks again WPG

Taylor - CA
Australian pattern KD shirt (2011-04-06)
Excellent shirt - well made with all classic details of original - correct brown buttons - (need to wear trousers which come up high as shirt has cutaway sides). Need to wash first before wearing.

fawkes - AU
Australian KD Shirt (2011-04-05)
Yep, gotta agree, this is a good ''un! Identical construction to originals I own. Buttons are spot on, material is nice and heavy, color, brilliant and cut is perfect. The pointed collars are reproduced brilliantly.

Size wise, I''m 6'', a 40 chest and 35 waist, I went for the 42 and it fits me perfectly, the 40 would probably have been too snug. Order with confidence on this one folks!

Steve - Melbourne, Australia
WW2 australian KD shir (2011-04-05)
Received this shirt in 3 days of booking! A record to Australia. his shirt is an excellent copy and well designed. Initially thoughtpockets not replace right if you look at WPG photo and shoulders looked odd, but no, the finished product is very good. Has side pieces cut out as per original so will need highwaisted trousers to suit.

kim - australia
KD Aust/NZ shirt (2011-04-04)
Best repo I have ever seen very close to the original 99% does nto get much better than that.

Howell - AU
Great Australian shirt (2011-04-01)
Very happy with this shirt is all respects. It is long overdue in the reenacting scene. I hope that Australian pattern jungle trousers will soon follow.

Tim - Australia
Wow! (2011-03-31)
After YEARS of begging and waiting for somebody to correctly reproduce these shirts Jerry comes through and fulfills my need. Now that I have this final piece to complete my impression I have achieved reenacting Nirvana, and I have become one with the all.

To honor the occasion I have written a sutra:

Here is, monks, an Australian Pattern KD Tropical Shirt. If there were not that shirt, there would not be the case of emancipation from the shirt. But precisely because there is a shirt, emancipation from the shirt is discerned.

McNamara - US
Australian Tropical Shirt (2011-03-30)

You've done it again. This shirt is AWESOME. Excellent KD material, perfect sizing, and wonderfully correct ANZAC style shirt buttons. Well done.

Bill Wisher

Bill Wisher - US
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