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5 (2013-12-08)
everything is fine

Weinert - DE
GREAT Sweater (2013-12-05)
Despite some of my criticism of other items, this is probably one of the BEST values that Jerry offers! Great fit! Well constructed! Suitable for a variety of living history or casual purposes. Buy one while they're still like this and at this price!

Mihlon - US
Shawl Collar Sweater (2013-12-03)
It''s no surprise to me that, once again, What Price Glory have come up trumps. This sweater is outstanding and exceptional value for money. I''m 6 foot 3 inches tall and a 38 chest. Normally I take a medium but sizd up to large for extra length and it''s perfect (enough length on sleeve for a roll). UAE to Hobart, Tasmania in 3 working days. Amazing service. I''ll be back.

Damien - Tasmania, Australia
cardigan sweater (2013-12-02)
Just received my sweater xxl perfect fit I wear a46 jacket and slight gut large shoulders it fit perfect over a wool shirt.Glad I read reviews. Arrived fast,problems on my end with address company was great in solution.Best business I''ve dealt with in a long time great service,prices and product Thanks H. Virginia USA

howard - Virginia USA
OD OFFICER''S SWEATER (2013-11-26)

Nice vinatge look racing sweater (2013-08-26)
The reviews helped me a lot in making a decision. WPG did a great job in allowing this.
First off I love vintage clothing and secondly I''m picky about it.This sweater is a fantastic reproduction of the old ones worn during the 20''s to 40''s. They look great with a news boy cap r fedora. With some knee high boots you''ll be stylin''! I body build. My chest is 42" with a 32" waist. I have big shoulders and arms. If this is your size buy with confidence. I was worried at first about this, as it''s hard to buy clothing as you get bigger.I don''t say this to boast, God forbid I should boast save in the cross...but to instill confidence for the next buyer.I got an extra large. it''s perfect! I have room to wear a shirt and tie,(1920''30''s look..haha)and move about in it with total ease.A very comfortable, and very handsome sweater. I got the cream ( off white .Fast shipping,( I live in VANCOUVER BC) and excellent customer service.( I asked for size differences in XL and 2xl). I ''m 5'' 8" and the sweater length just past above my waist, and ended between navel and groin area, which was perfect.Even if it didn''t you can still portary the war years look as they had to conserve material and made it shorter. I compared this look( past waist) with the ones in old photos of vintage 1930''s catalogues, and the length was the same. I was in the film business, and this sweater is very period looking! I love the extra ''bonus'' i got with the sweater: a nice wool smell!Hope that doesn''t go away!Excellent sweater for the vintage 1920 -30''smotorcycle race, US GI,and 1920''30s sportman''s look! Definitely a must have for your winter wardrobe. Unless you can afford the original, get this! I gave 4 stars coz if I made it I would like the cuffs to be more tighter ( as in the original 30''s ones) , so it will give it a sleek look.
Buy, wear, and give with confidence!

Chi - Canada ,Vancouver Bc
Most excellent! (2013-08-14)
Scent: Normal wool sweater scent. Excellent.
Fit: My sportcoat/suit jacket size is 52. 3XL size for this sweater fits great. If you're 50/52 in a Harris tweed, for instance, I'd go for the 3XL in this sweater.
Quality: Fantastic! What a sweater. As someone else mentioned on this site, if it had a Ralph Lauren nameplate on it, this sweater would easily be $400US.
Accuracy: The exact same sweater as Lee Marvin wore in THE PROFESSIONALS. The exactness and accuracy is phenomenal.

I strongly recommend this sweater for anyone in high desert country, anywhere in the world, and anyone who lives where winter meets mountains.

Mike Tucker, Author of 1931, Hell Is Over, RONIN, and SPARTACUS DID THE RIGHT THING

Tucker - US
Sweater (2013-07-18)
Very pleased ! Compares favorably in fit and finish to originals I have in my collection. Wool is nice and stout as it should be. Collar is that great vintage shape and buttons up fairly high towards the collar bone as period ones do. Could pass for a 1920s Varsity sweater. If Ralph Lauren were selling this he'd slap his logo on and charge 400+.

Leonard - US
Cardigan Sweater (2013-06-27)
This sweater is exaxtly as promised and just what I wanted!!'

O''Connor - US
Old School Sweater (2013-05-16)
this sweater is awesome! sadly, it is getting warm here in chicagoland,so I won't really be able to enjoy it for many months. Glad I bought it. Fits perfectly!

Maniatis - US
Pretty Sweet! (2013-04-29)
Very nice, though I wisely chose a size one up from what I normally wear.

Blum - US
Cardigan Sweater (2013-04-09)
Another great piece of WPG knitwear for the chilly spring we''re having! I''m very satisfied with this cardigan, it is made of very good, heavy wool, but still very soft and comfortable. I wear a jacket size 42, ordered a large and it fits perfectly. Highly recommended!

Phillip - GB
US Classic Cardigan Wool Sweater with Shawl Collar (2013-04-07)
I choose the white Cardigan Wool Sweater in XXL, it seems like a XL.
It is OK however, but shorter than usual cardigans. This sweater is an excellent item in good wool. It was a pleasant transaction and a very quick shipping. I am very happy with this purchase at WPG and would buy from again.

sorlin - FR
Great value (2013-04-04)
I have rarely seen such a quality in knit except in the sweaters made before the 1960's. I wanted to have shawl cardigan for the rest of my 1920's/1930's wardrobe and I didn't find any better anywhere else. Fits smaller, so as I am a S, I bought the size M. Perfect fit, high quality, great price.

Cazal - DE
excellent (2013-03-10)
superb quality and finisch! Really love it! Again Jerry beat price with amazing product! You should get one! I wear 42 so I ordered large according to size chart. Fits perfect!

Marcin - BE
Sweater (2013-03-09)
Looks great. Ordered one size larger and fits great.

Great Item (2013-03-07)
Great item! After reading the reviews I ordered an L. I am just under 6 ft but lightweight with a 40 chest and it is a perfect fit. I have medium to long arms and the sleeves are just right.

Michael - United Kingdom
great sweater, well made (2013-03-07)
I saw the olive green shawl collar cardigan as a great sweater for the outdoors, and of a type that has been hard to find. The workmanship was superb, the fit right, and I am very happy with it. I'm glad we got enough cool weather for me to wear it. I love it. I like the fatted wool, too.

Crisp - US
US Classic Cardigan Wool Sweater with Shawl Collar (2013-03-07)
Good solid no nonsense sweater. I love the color - olive brown. I,m a 6' 210lb 46R - ordered a 2XL. I could button it but I looked like a sausage in a casing. Returned it for a 3XL and it fits great. Easy Return. Shipping, Dubia to Omaha in 3 Days, Omaha to Bismarck 4 days?? Have worn it outside at 10deg F and have been confortable. Oh, the smell goes away after a few days, just hang it in the basement.

Paul, North Dakota - US
production (2013-03-06)
A terrific warm sweater. Love the evocation of of an older era (30'sand 40's) Great fit.
The service and delivery was awesome.

Thank you.

Yee - US
wool cardigan (2013-03-06)
I looked good to the feedback and orderd myself a size bigger (normaly i wear a xl)
I got a xxl and its just right.
The cardigan was a bit smudgy at the top and i was very scared to wash it (shrinking)
I toke the chance an washt it on the wool program on cold.
When i took the cardigan out and shuck it out I was very glade it did not shrink but it was a size bigger?!
So i pulled on the sleeves and ly it to dry
Now its perfect.

Rick - NL
Mr. (2013-03-06)
I like it. I ordered a XXL and it is a bit tight and short, but servicable.

Diethrich - US
Shawl collar sweater (2013-03-06)
I liked the first sweater so much, that I ordered a second one for a frient of mine. She Loves it. As always, WPG is tops in both quality and delivery.

Wilson - US
Kudos to Jerry Lee and the Paki's. They've done it again with this sweater, which I've only seen in photos of the Punitive Expedition circa 1917. The first time I wore it, I received numerous compliments and inquiries as to where I purchased it. The only "nit" I find with it as an old clothing salesman, is that the sizing is off by at least one size. I normally wear a large and I thought an XL might be too big. The XL was, fortuantely, equivalent to a large, so buyers should get one size larger than they normally would buy. Stan Wolcott

Wolcott - US
Excellent! (2013-03-04)
This sweater is amazing! Was worth to wait for. I love colour, cut and vintage look buttons. Just on spot. I got size 42, so I ordered L just like chart says. Fits perfect! It´s a pitty that winter is almost done :)

Marcin - Belgium
Nice Product (2012-12-11)
Here''s the Review:

1. The customer service team is first rate: product shipped on Thursday and it arrived here in PA on the following Monday. Great job!

2. The quality of the sweater is very good, as are the colors (I ordered white & OD). I am 5''10, about 200 lbs, and (generally wear a size 44R jacket and a 16-1/2 x 34 dress shirt; these translate into a size "L") ordered (1) each of both colors in size XL. The fit of the XL on my frame can characterized as "trim" - not loose & not tight. Should you prefer a looser fit, you may want to go up two sizes (e.g., if you generally wear a large, go to a 2XL).

Otherwise, Jerry has once again delivered a superb product!

US Classic Cardigan Wool Sweater with Shawl Collar (2012-11-21)
I love it, the xl fit perfectly for a 44 chest. You will not be disappointed. Thanks

Alex - ITALY
Excellent (2012-11-08)
Overall the most practical sweater I have ever worn at an event. Just has a classic early 20th century look to it. Change out the buttons is my only recommendation but otherwise two thumbs up.

Rich M. - Virginia, USA
Fits like a glove (2012-10-25)
I ordered one in L, although my usual size is more M-ish. Looks great, snugly to wear and the price is more than fair. I've seen less appealing pieces for double the price.

Schweigl - AT
Olive Cardigan (2012-10-22)
This is a solid, no bullshit sweater! It fits me well (Large = 42 N.American) and looks great. It will be a stylish "workhorse" in my wardrobe for the colder fall and winter months here in the Canadian prairies. The only improvement would be a higher quality button.

Corey - CA
US Classic Cardigan Wool Sweater with Shawl Collar (2012-10-12)
This is an outstanding sweater. I was after a sweater similar to that worn by Lee Marvin in "The Proffesionals" and this one is pretty close. It is heavy scratchy wool with big buttons. I only gave it 4 stars because it is a little snug. I ordered an XL and I am 6', 200lbs, and this sweater fits good with just a long sleeve T shirt. It might be a little more snug with a LS shirt. Anyway I like it and will wear it.

Kellogg - US
Excellent (2012-10-12)
So I'm 5-7, 175lbs and my measurements are: Shoulders - 20", Chest - 42", Sleeve-Cuff - 24" and Waist - 31" (no belly). I ordered a size LARGE, verified the measurements and the ones provided in the chart on the website are right on the money; guess that would apply for the other sizes too. The fit is good but I do like it a bit tighter. Should have probably ordered a M but they're gone now so hopefully it will shrink a bit. The color is definitely OD and very handsome. Oh and about the smell, I know it's a matter of taste but to me it's got the scent of the era and I LOVE IT - fantastic. Thanks WPG!

Santiago - US
I dig it! (2012-10-11)
Super comfortable, nice for taking the motorcycle out on a hot day.

beals - US
Great Sweater (2012-10-11)
I got the large - I'm 6'2, 180 lbs, 42L jacket. The large fits perfectly. Sleeves could be a touch longer (but I like a longer sleeve). Olive is a bit more of a brown color than you might expect, but very nice. Looks sturdy, will order another in the off white.

Bray - CA
Great Sweater! (2012-09-15)
I''ve been looking for a nice sweater and this is it! Fits great (size L) and shipping is quick!

Mitchell - Houston
Cardigan Sweater (2012-09-11)
What an awesome sweater. Nice job. Going to be my winter daily wear. Fits great and true to size.

Armbruster - US
Cardigan (2012-09-10)
Keep in mind--its still summer in Texas, so, I haven't worn the sweater yet. But, I tried it on--fit was a bit snug for an XL--I'm 6 foot and 200 pounds--and on the short side. This doesn't bother me so much as I wanted to layer under a jacket. And there was some odor--really more of a surplus smell that only lasted a day. Over all, I'm very happy--the wool used is very tightly knitted and the color, although more brown than I expected, will look great with jeans or khakis.

Campbell - US
Shawl Collar Sweater (2012-08-12)
Extremely pleased. I have vintage shawl collar sweaters, and this one compares very well to those at an excellent price. Note: Sizing runs small. A Medium = Size 38. And quick shipping.

Greenwood - US
Meets expectations. (2012-07-16)
I read the reviews before buying this and I am glad I did. Buy a size bigger than you think you''ll need. I am 6 ft, 42 chest with a matching tummy. The XL was still a good fit but if it shrinks then it will belong to the other half. Wool is good quality, looks snug and is. The stitching and buttons are great and easy you use. The pockets are not as big as I thought they would be but perfect for putting the remote control in whilst watching the TV. A great home cardigan. Australian customs where a slight issue holding up delivery, but we worked it out with them. Get one for your father in-law and he''ll love you even more.

Mickey G - Sydney Australia
cardigan (2012-07-07)
looks great and I liked it but for an xl was way to small for a 6'4" man with 48 chest and 36" arms I think maybe I would have to take a 3xl to fit. I was disappointed it did not fit since I like the sweater.

Stillman - US
cardigan with shawl (2012-06-27)
very quick delivery and very closely matches the original my teenage father swiped from a drunk Yank serviceman here in Australia in 1943, and which he and I have treasured ever since!

Shevtzoff - AU
Wool cardigan sweater (2012-06-21)
Just arrived and ahead of schedule Perfect fit and very well made. Glad I bought it.
Thanks WPG

Lawrence - Elk Grove, CA
US Classic Cardigan Wool Sweater with Shawl Collar (2012-06-17)
had ordered both colours for myself, we both liked them very much, that's why this one will be for the wife!

van - NL
Awesome (2012-06-15)
Great sweater! Looking forward to winter!

Reitmeyer - US
Wool Sweater (2012-05-20)
Very pleased, fits well and smells great.
Might treat myself to a white one.

Allaway - GB
US Classic Cardigan Wool Sweater with Shawl Collar (2012-04-15)
Great sweater and very much agree about the need to order a size larger. I normally take an XL - the 2XL is a nice snug fit. Does smell a little but a good airing in the wind seems to have taken the edge off it.

Boyd - AU
Shawl Collar Cardigan (2012-03-20)
Excellent quality product at a great price! The wool is nice & heavy and the Olive green colour is very appealing. I orginally ordered a 3XXX thinking it would come out on the small-side, however it was a tad too big and WPG were absolutely great with their customer service, no quibbles, just return & swap for a smaller size.Pleasure doing business with you chaps!

Sid - GB
U.S. Sweater (2012-03-09)
Received yesterday, looks very nice and fits.
Excellent service.

Kangas - CA
US Classic Cardigan Wool Sweater with Shawl Collar (2012-03-04)
Really luv this sweater. Thanks much!

US Classic Cardigan Wool Sweater with Shawl Collar (2012-02-28)
Fantastic sweater, very well made and warm. Sizes run small, i am a 40 inch chest and take a large but i ordered xl and it fits like a glove. Thanks once again for your help, and as always a very speedy delivery

Andrews - GB
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