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Jeep Cap (2012-03-15)
Same color and weight as my original, minus the wear damage and moth holes.

Thomas - US
US Jeep Cap (2012-03-05)
Fast ship - ordered 2/29 and received 3/5. I wear 7 1/2 and the Large fits me fine. Quite stretchy so there''s a bit of range on sizes it will fit. Seems like a pretty nice repro though I haven''t had a chance to compare to an original yet. Definitely better than my late model surplus store jeep cap for my WWII events.

Ken - Pittsburgh, PA USA
US Jeep Cap (2012-02-19)
outstanding accurate fit and weave . Great

recca - US
US jeep cap (2012-02-03)
very useful item and matches originals perfectly!!!

Zuchowski - US
US Jeep Cap (2012-01-30)
de muerte!!

Majoral - ES
cool item (2011-10-27)
perfect for my Jeep

Fanelli - US
big ray (2011-10-21)
right nice cap correct color brim is perfect folds great and heavy weight have 2 originals exact copy great product and shipping

gallagher - US
Mr Alan Webb (2011-08-19)
Prompt delivery The cap is to high at the crown

Webb - GB
Outstanding Cap (2011-07-07)
I used to have an original but it got lost. This WPG cap is just like the original I had. I liked it so much I ordered a second one for my wife

Fass - US
Great cap! (2011-07-06)
I am extremely happy with my cap. I had an original some time ago, but it got misplaced. This cap looks just like my original. I liked it so much I bought a second one for my wife. She likes it too

Charlie - California/USA
US Jeep Cap (2011-06-09)
I ordered the cap in size L which is a little big. I´ve got a hat-size of 7 1/8". I think size M would have been better for me. Color seems a bit dark. Material is a bit flimsy. Nevertheless it´s a good cap for little money.

Kohlmorgen - DE
Jeep Cap (2011-06-03)
I used to own an original and somehow it became lost or misplaced. I bought two repros from an Army/Navy store near where I live, but they do not look anywhere near as good as this one. This cap is as close to the real deal as you can get. The fact that I could buy my specific size made a big difference in comfort too. Great cap at a great price. I highly recommend it

Fass - US
jeep cap (2011-05-02)
Quite nice and good price. Extra fast shipping as always.

Alà - Spain
Mr (2011-04-28)
material a little thinner than I was expecting, generally OK

Brown - GB
US Jeep Cap (2011-04-27)
Quick shipping and delivery. The cap is spot on.

Cassar - CA
jeep cap khaki (2011-04-17)
Dear WPG put the cap on when i recieved it the cap fit great. also the color is nice goes great with the rest of my gear thanks for another great item jerry.

Jeep Cap (2011-04-17)
Looks great, fits well, shipped fast, great price

Lewis - US
Jeep Cap (2011-04-07)
Firm wool. fits good. Should hold up nicely

Zaricor - US
jeep cap (2011-04-02)
very well down am very happy

mackintosh - US
US Jeep Cap (2011-03-25)
Wool is somewhat thin and the fit is pretty snug for a size "large," but I'm happy with it

Nikkari - US
Jeep cap (2011-03-23)
Looks great fits cool, and is just like the original

Paul - US
very nice (2011-03-08)
very nice item, looks likes the original

pauwels - FR
comfortable (2011-02-12)
this thing is very comfortable to wear...worried that the wool part would be itchie/scratchie but it isnt at all. I wear it around everywear when its chilly out

cowling - US
Best Jeep cap Repro (2011-02-03)
Got the cap and compared it to an original and it is pretty close the color is great the weight and thickness of the cap are great the best repro that i have seen and at a great price you cant go wrong with this item

bolin - US
U.S. Jeep Cap (2011-01-20)
Great Jeep Cap! Highly recommended. Really fast shipping too.

Bedolla - US
Jeep cap (2011-01-19)
Very good and price-worthy.

holback - SE
Jeep Cap (2011-01-13)
Very good quality. Fast shipping. Good customer support in sizing.

Rastall - US
Nice Cap for the Money (2011-01-11)
I like this cap. The wool is not too thick, but it is warm, fits nice, and looks good. What else is there?

Hildner - US
O.D. Wool knit "Jeep" Cap (2010-12-19)
Overall, (in my opinion) - compares well with (1) of my original(s).
The color, knit weave/ texture & construction are excellent (many other copies I've seen over the years are 'overdone' or just plain wrong (too thick/ dense/ incorrect knit wrong style construction, etc...) - the WPG version doesn't make the common mistakes. I didn't cut/ seperate the visor knit (but it 'feels' like fiberboard). My only 'issue' - the crown seems a bit high/ deep (probably sized for longer foreheads).
Overall, this might fool many as 'original'. I don't "re-enact", so can't comment on "living history" use . (I am also not a forum "expert" - just a 20+ year Military Collector.
If you can't find/ afford the originals or simply need an additional for display - this copy is the next best thing !

Reus - US
M1941 Wool Knit Cap (Reproduction) (2010-11-22)
The cap looks great & fits perfectly, & was priced very reasonably. I'm looking forward to "field testing" it during hunting season.

Dave - Phila, PA, USA
Jeep cap (2010-11-20)
This is the second item ordered this year from WPG and I was, once again, pleased. Being blessed with a bit larger than normal cranuim makes it hard to find hats that fit. WPG is one of the few to offer a jeep cap in XL. It not only fits, but looks great. I will order again in the future.

Pratt - US
Jeep Cap (2010-11-15)
Very nice and looks good.

Gentle - US
jeep cap (2010-11-09)
best value for less money.

Mendoza - US
Great (2010-11-03)
Great cap! Great quality! Thanks!

Denis - RU
Just What I Wanted! (2010-10-28)
Perfect addition to my collection of WWII stuff. I love it and can't wait to wear it this winter.

Kavana - US
Jeep Cap Almost Excellent (2010-10-22)
Cap is ok as caps go, but would have liked it a shade lighter in color.

Muir - US
Great (2010-10-06)
Good quality items. Arrived very Quickly

Wadkins - US
Einfach klasse (2010-09-14)
Man sieht keinen Unterschied zwischen Repro und Original. So stelle ich mir Qualität vor. Danke.

Gladen - DE
US Jeep cap! (2010-08-18)
Good products as allways! Ultra fast shipping! Thanks a lot!

Buso - BR
Jeep cap (2010-08-05)
Super fast shipping from overseas.

Fast (2010-06-10)
really fast shipping and couldnt be happier with the product

Dylewski - US
jeep cap (2010-05-27)
very fast shipping, recommended!!

Buls - NL
WALES (2010-05-26)
Fast shipping and excellent repro.

US jeep cap (2010-05-05)
Great looking cap A+++++

Hernes - NO
Jeep Cap (2010-04-04)
Sir, once again you have come up with an excellent item needed by living historians to compleat their impressions.

Dabney - US
US Jeep Cap (2010-03-23)
Fast shipping and great cap, thank you!

Geil, US - US
authentic (2010-01-13)
looks just like the ones from the old WWII flicks

Ray - US
Woo hoo (2009-12-17)
Great as always. A better cap than most for less money.

Thompson - US
Jeep Cap (2009-11-17)
The cap looks very nice and fits well. It is not as heavy, however, as I remember the originals to be.

Speer - US
US Jeep Cap (2009-11-10)
Order received promptly!
Item is like described and already had fun wearing it.

Kans - NL
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