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Helmet liner (2009-04-01)
A Practical item to refurbish an old helmet too a modern head size.

Petros - Germany
UK MK II Helmet Liners (2009-03-22)
Excellent reproduction well done

Micallef - MALTA
helmet liner (2009-02-28)
Very nice liner, fit perfectly. Fast shipping.

Spires - US
UK MK II Helmet Liners (2009-02-18)
Very nice UK MKII helmet liner, very good reproduction, very fast shipping. Thank you. :-)

Peter - SG
Not bad! (2009-02-04)
it was easy to install after a bit of trimming, Wish it had a big head top screw though

Smith - CANADA
Mk 2 helmet liner (2009-01-09)
If you can get a mint unissued correct size replacement liner then go for it, otherwise get one of these. Good product, easily fitted and hopefully will last longer than me (and I ain''t that old yet). I trimmed the front and back buffers to make it fit my head shape better, but my recollection of the real ones I had as a kid,is that they were never that comfortable or fitted "just right".

Danny - New Zealand
it broke! (2008-11-24)
i was putting it in when it just snapped (the nerve) but it was what i asked for and it still works.

Colin - PA/USA
UK MK II Helmet Liners (2008-10-17)
Someone commented that the original had only 4 "bumpers"This was no so, and I can only surmise that his example were missing some.I have 6 original examples in various states of disrepair.Dated 1940 to 1953,and they all have 8 bumpers.None of them can fit my head,hence my resorting to a reproduction.Some people like to tell us that it is because the older folk had small heads-0 they ate poorly! (they didnt have KFC or Macdonalds!)
I have had the the pleasure of knowing many veterians over the years and can confirm that they came in all shapes and sizes.The greatest Commonwealth hero of the Second World War,Double V.C winner and my compatriot Charles Upham rarely wore a helmet.When asked why not, he said it was because he couldn't find one that fitted!.That is not uncommon.These reprodutions are what the description says they are.Fine reproductions made from quality material,Perhaps a little shallower than the real thing,and the larger sizes are a little difficult to stuff into an original shell.Well worth the effort though!.

Good - New Zealand
Awesome (2008-03-18)
Received this order yesterday! Awesome service, awesome product. Thanks


Tom Howard - MI, USA
MK II helmet liner (2008-03-15)
Excellent replacement liner. Did have to remove some of the rubber bumpers for a proper fit into the liner. I have a original it has only 4 bumpers instead of the 8 on the repo. This is a must item for anyone who wears their MK II in the field.

Tom - Las Vegas
Great fit (2007-12-08)
Got mine today, it fits great and is wonderfully made.

Stan - Racine Wi
UK Helmet Liner (2007-10-25)
Excellent copy, very user friendly

Davin - a
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