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Cap Comforter in the Hot Desert? (2010-08-23)
I have worn my in the cold weather and it kept my head toasty warm. Based on original photos I''ve seen of the cap being worn in Burma, North Africa, and the Adriatic, I decided to wear it during a re enactment in the Nevada high desert heat. I thought it would be too hot, but I was wrong. After sweating, the wool retained the moisture and kept my head cool. I was surprised. A great cap for a great price.

Ray - California
well done (2010-08-03)
well done

ward - US
UK Cap Comforters (2010-06-14)
It was a good reproduction. Heavy wool

Recreacion - ES
Mr (2010-05-12)
Great product, excellent delivery time.

Limpus - AU
Cap Com (2010-03-30)
Fantastic repro and a very quick delivery. It is the first time using WPG and i will be definatly use WPG again. Keep up the good work

Phillips - GB
x (2010-03-26)
very pleased , top product top service

Staples - NZ
Cap Comforter (2010-03-06)
Fast shipping from UAE! Great product and I'm glad I've finally started my Tommy impression with a nice piece.

Smitty - US
UK Cap Comforter (2010-02-24)
Spot on colour and size, just what I hoped for. Speedy delivery.

Dan E - NZ
mr (2010-02-08)
good fit, very pleased, if only you could make it in olive green I will buy another batch.

koo - GB
UK Cap Comforters (2010-01-22)
Excellent colors and fabrics, perfect in any weather...
Thanks, jerry

Emidio Jose - DF, Brazil
UK cap comforter (2010-01-19)
Nice and warm! Very happy.

Cole - US
UK Cap (2010-01-18)
Excellent item and service Thanks

Lamberto - Italy
Great cap! (2010-01-10)
Great quality! I was puzzled as to how to wear it but I figured it out. Maybe Jerry can post a video or a photo of how to do so.

Andrew - USA
Commando Hat (2010-01-06)
I've wanted one since I was a kid playing with my Airfix commando soldiers... my sisters 1970's brownie hat with the bobble removed did the job for a while all those years ago playing in the forest, now I have the real deal I can give her her hat back... she's now 43!!
Thank you for another brilliant product!!

RubyRed65 - England
standtohorse/ Cavalry's first command (2010-01-05)
Just as shown and specs are dead on. I'll have to let it loosen to fit comfortably. One size fits all in woolens.

James - US
British Commandos comforter (2010-01-05)
Great repro item (as seen on a lot of original pictures!), very fast delivery. Thanks a million! Seller highly recommended!

Onori - CH and IT
GREAT repro! (2010-01-03)
Perfect fit, great material. Almost perfectly matches my orig. jumper.

Cleaver - US
A good UK Cap Conforter (2009-12-28)
Good color . This is an excellent and nice Copy. Thanks.

Tourreilles - FR
UK CAP comforters (2009-12-27)
Very quick delivery. Product just like picture and like original. At next time.

volpini - IT
UK Cap Comforter (2009-12-15)
Outstanding product, nice soft wool knit and proper color. Thanks!

Klink - US
cap comforter (2009-12-03)
tucked inside - a good fit for the head, ears, and neck. Should help stay a bit warmer next event.

Harmon - US
comforter (2009-11-08)
I was really pleased with this item. As usual super fast delivery. I am very pleased with this head cover.

Casada - US
UK Cap Comforters (2009-11-03)
Nice cap, good size and perfect quality.
i missed the washing instructions, but i'll figure that out for myself.
Even speedy delivery.....

heijstek - NL
William (2009-10-22)
Great repro of a good bit of kit.

Kelly - AU
Uk cap comforter (2009-10-19)
Very good product, full of memory
Rapid delivery, no problems

Thomas - FR
top hat, old man! (2009-09-28)
perfect and not really that hard to work out if you read the item description!!!!

Steve - australia
Cap comforters (2009-09-23)
Really comfortable to wear, and very warm!

Butstraen - BE
UK Comfort Cap (2009-08-29)
I love the cap. It will come in handy this coming winter!

connolly - US
UK cap comforters (2009-08-29)
Very nice item. Lots of material. Nicely made.

Tatham - CA
Thanks Jerry! (2009-08-04)
Looks fantastic - I have no idea how to use it, but it looks great!

Erny - US
Looks cool, keeps you warm (2009-07-21)
This is an excellent reproduction; looks just like those on the Commando Memorial at Spean Bridge. I was surprised by how substantial the wool is, and thus how warm it is; excellent for Canadian winters.

I found the fit to be fine, and I think I understand why it's called a "comforter"--very nice feel to it. It may seem "tight" to those unused to wearing a knitted cap, but it seems a typical fit to me.

Overall, it looks authentic and wears well.

Mac - CA
Ian Sparke (2009-07-12)
Excellent quality.

Sparke - AU
Interesting! (2009-06-21)
Took me a while to figure out how this thing worked (I think I've got it now!)...

Impressed with the sheer simplicity of the design; it won't win any fashion awards, but it's bloody warm and does the job perfectly, much better than the knitted cap that I've been using.

Once again, not just good for re-enactors, but is excellent for any outdoor type activity...

Griffiths - AU
Cpl (2009-06-17)
Very nice, fast delivery

Fleming - CA
Cap comforter (2009-06-08)
First class repro. Brought back memories! As usual, rapid delivery.

Holford - IE
UK Cap comforter (2009-06-01)
I like the colour easy to set up a bit tight around the head will probly stretch with use Thanks Jerry

Walton - GB
UK Cap Comforters (2009-05-12)
Excellent copy just perfect
Allowedly, it took a few minutes to prepare it

Schatull - DE
UK Cap Comforter (2009-04-10)
great price and quick delivery. Excellent service.

Scott - GB
UK Cap Comforters (2009-04-09)
quick delivery, very good quality, bit tight though.

corkery - IE
wool cap comforter (2009-04-01)
very quick delivery, great product,
excellent service!

cap comforter UK (2009-03-26)
Very pleased, quality very good and very fast delivery.

Russell - CANADA
cap comforter (2009-03-25)
Its quality worthes the purchase, very comfortable.

chevance - FRANCE
head comforters (2009-03-23)
excellent service,very happy with this purchase will shop with your store again.

wood - UK
Cap comforter (2009-03-21)
on arrival, I admit it did take me a minute to opperate properly, but I quickly got the hang of it. But it does work well and warm.

Two things though. even on me who has a small head, it was a little tight. The fabric will probably stretch out though. also as others have said, it looks a little light, but I don''t have an original to compare it to so its no big deal really. All in all I like it and worth every penny. It will serve me well in the trenches.

Indiana - U.S
Comforter (2009-03-17)
Good fabrics. The colour is a bit to light though. Overal the best choice for the re-enactor who wants to save the genuine cap comforters!

Kenneth - BELGIUM
Cap comforter (2008-12-14)
This is my second comforter. This one goes with my hiking stuff. Very comfortable.

Redmon - US
cap comforter (2008-12-09)
It looks the part and does the job

Reid - UK
great copy (2008-11-30)
good colours and fabrics, perfect to cold weather

Stanek - Czechslovakia
OK (2008-11-12)
OK. Looks warm, I hope it is at the GAP

Borowski - US
Tricky! (2008-11-03)
I didn't know how you wear this cap. It's just amazing how it works! And I thought the color would be darker and more olive?! But I like it!

Witzig - Switzerland
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