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x (2010-03-26)
very pleased , top product top service

Staples - NZ
Cap Comforter (2010-03-06)
Fast shipping from UAE! Great product and I'm glad I've finally started my Tommy impression with a nice piece.

Smitty - US
UK Cap Comforter (2010-02-24)
Spot on colour and size, just what I hoped for. Speedy delivery.

Dan E - NZ
mr (2010-02-08)
good fit, very pleased, if only you could make it in olive green I will buy another batch.

koo - GB
UK Cap Comforters (2010-01-22)
Excellent colors and fabrics, perfect in any weather...
Thanks, jerry

Emidio Jose - DF, Brazil
UK cap comforter (2010-01-19)
Nice and warm! Very happy.

Cole - US
UK Cap (2010-01-18)
Excellent item and service Thanks

Lamberto - Italy
Great cap! (2010-01-10)
Great quality! I was puzzled as to how to wear it but I figured it out. Maybe Jerry can post a video or a photo of how to do so.

Andrew - USA
Commando Hat (2010-01-06)
I've wanted one since I was a kid playing with my Airfix commando soldiers... my sisters 1970's brownie hat with the bobble removed did the job for a while all those years ago playing in the forest, now I have the real deal I can give her her hat back... she's now 43!!
Thank you for another brilliant product!!

RubyRed65 - England
standtohorse/ Cavalry's first command (2010-01-05)
Just as shown and specs are dead on. I'll have to let it loosen to fit comfortably. One size fits all in woolens.

James - US
British Commandos comforter (2010-01-05)
Great repro item (as seen on a lot of original pictures!), very fast delivery. Thanks a million! Seller highly recommended!

Onori - CH and IT
GREAT repro! (2010-01-03)
Perfect fit, great material. Almost perfectly matches my orig. jumper.

Cleaver - US
A good UK Cap Conforter (2009-12-28)
Good color . This is an excellent and nice Copy. Thanks.

Tourreilles - FR
UK CAP comforters (2009-12-27)
Very quick delivery. Product just like picture and like original. At next time.

volpini - IT
UK Cap Comforter (2009-12-15)
Outstanding product, nice soft wool knit and proper color. Thanks!

Klink - US
cap comforter (2009-12-03)
tucked inside - a good fit for the head, ears, and neck. Should help stay a bit warmer next event.

Harmon - US
comforter (2009-11-08)
I was really pleased with this item. As usual super fast delivery. I am very pleased with this head cover.

Casada - US
UK Cap Comforters (2009-11-03)
Nice cap, good size and perfect quality.
i missed the washing instructions, but i'll figure that out for myself.
Even speedy delivery.....

heijstek - NL
William (2009-10-22)
Great repro of a good bit of kit.

Kelly - AU
Uk cap comforter (2009-10-19)
Very good product, full of memory
Rapid delivery, no problems

Thomas - FR
top hat, old man! (2009-09-28)
perfect and not really that hard to work out if you read the item description!!!!

Steve - australia
Cap comforters (2009-09-23)
Really comfortable to wear, and very warm!

Butstraen - BE
UK Comfort Cap (2009-08-29)
I love the cap. It will come in handy this coming winter!

connolly - US
UK cap comforters (2009-08-29)
Very nice item. Lots of material. Nicely made.

Tatham - CA
Thanks Jerry! (2009-08-04)
Looks fantastic - I have no idea how to use it, but it looks great!

Erny - US
Looks cool, keeps you warm (2009-07-21)
This is an excellent reproduction; looks just like those on the Commando Memorial at Spean Bridge. I was surprised by how substantial the wool is, and thus how warm it is; excellent for Canadian winters.

I found the fit to be fine, and I think I understand why it's called a "comforter"--very nice feel to it. It may seem "tight" to those unused to wearing a knitted cap, but it seems a typical fit to me.

Overall, it looks authentic and wears well.

Mac - CA
Ian Sparke (2009-07-12)
Excellent quality.

Sparke - AU
Interesting! (2009-06-21)
Took me a while to figure out how this thing worked (I think I've got it now!)...

Impressed with the sheer simplicity of the design; it won't win any fashion awards, but it's bloody warm and does the job perfectly, much better than the knitted cap that I've been using.

Once again, not just good for re-enactors, but is excellent for any outdoor type activity...

Griffiths - AU
Cpl (2009-06-17)
Very nice, fast delivery

Fleming - CA
Cap comforter (2009-06-08)
First class repro. Brought back memories! As usual, rapid delivery.

Holford - IE
UK Cap comforter (2009-06-01)
I like the colour easy to set up a bit tight around the head will probly stretch with use Thanks Jerry

Walton - GB
UK Cap Comforters (2009-05-12)
Excellent copy just perfect
Allowedly, it took a few minutes to prepare it

Schatull - DE
UK Cap Comforter (2009-04-10)
great price and quick delivery. Excellent service.

Scott - GB
UK Cap Comforters (2009-04-09)
quick delivery, very good quality, bit tight though.

corkery - IE
wool cap comforter (2009-04-01)
very quick delivery, great product,
excellent service!

cap comforter UK (2009-03-26)
Very pleased, quality very good and very fast delivery.

Russell - CANADA
cap comforter (2009-03-25)
Its quality worthes the purchase, very comfortable.

chevance - FRANCE
head comforters (2009-03-23)
excellent service,very happy with this purchase will shop with your store again.

wood - UK
Cap comforter (2009-03-21)
on arrival, I admit it did take me a minute to opperate properly, but I quickly got the hang of it. But it does work well and warm.

Two things though. even on me who has a small head, it was a little tight. The fabric will probably stretch out though. also as others have said, it looks a little light, but I don''t have an original to compare it to so its no big deal really. All in all I like it and worth every penny. It will serve me well in the trenches.

Indiana - U.S
Comforter (2009-03-17)
Good fabrics. The colour is a bit to light though. Overal the best choice for the re-enactor who wants to save the genuine cap comforters!

Kenneth - BELGIUM
Cap comforter (2008-12-14)
This is my second comforter. This one goes with my hiking stuff. Very comfortable.

Redmon - US
cap comforter (2008-12-09)
It looks the part and does the job

Reid - UK
great copy (2008-11-30)
good colours and fabrics, perfect to cold weather

Stanek - Czechslovakia
OK (2008-11-12)
OK. Looks warm, I hope it is at the GAP

Borowski - US
Tricky! (2008-11-03)
I didn't know how you wear this cap. It's just amazing how it works! And I thought the color would be darker and more olive?! But I like it!

Witzig - Switzerland
UK Cap Comforters (2008-09-14)
Very nice repro, looks perfect with my para uniform.

Cap Comforters (2008-05-13)
Jerry, these are very good mate.

David - UK
Cap-Comforter (2007-12-22)
Not Only for Commandos or Other Special Units .Even in winter a Very Practical Item ( Especially when it is Cold).

Petros - Germany
Cap Comforter (2007-10-25)
Very nice repro of a standard issue item for all Commonwealth troops of WW1 and WW2.

Davin - Australia
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