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Ammo Boots (2011-03-28)
I can't believe how quick those boots got here. They are perfect. Basically my first order with WPG, just to check how it would turn out. It is the best service I've seen in a long time, so my next order is already posted :)

Tom - BE
british boots (2011-03-09)
great and quality boots

carlos casariego - ES
Allied Forces Foundation Drummer (2011-02-28)
Nice product with a good fit. I normally take a US size 11.5 & ordered a 12 in this boot. Top Notch....

paul - Massachusetts / USA
Ammo Boots (2011-02-15)
I have had these boots for nearly a year now. By default they became my hiking/backpacking boots. They have great balance and the soles are just the right stiffness. I have taken them through the Santa Cruz Mountains, Yosemite, Yellowstone, and the Nevada Desert and have only lost a single nail. You can bet that when the cobbler can no longer fix them, I will get another pair from WPG.

Daniel - California/USA
best replica (2011-02-10)
better than original :)

Borovicka - CZ
A+ Kit (2011-02-08)
Nice boots! Would recommend to everyone

Daniel - DE
SSgt Gray (2011-02-06)
Very good boots. I haven't been disappointed by any of the items I've purcheased.

Gray - US
Mr. (2011-01-29)
Received in good order and am now ready to march in Ox's army. Exceeded my expectations - thank you.

Kerchaert - US
ammo boots (2011-01-20)
Fits perfect, even I need a half sice up. I´ll test them in reenactment this spring.

Neuser - DE
UK Ammo Boots (2011-01-20)
They were right, these boots are made for walking! I normally take a US size 11.5 & ordered a 12 in this boot! Perfect fit. Nice boots & super fast shipping from UAE! Thanks again

Adam - MD U.S.A.
ammo boots (2011-01-01)
Received my ammo boots before Christmas. Most pleased with the response time following the order especially with the holidays. Fantastic. Have always been impressed with items from What Price Glory. Jerry Lee continues to be my chief supplier when it comes to British Militaria

Getz - US
British Ammo Boots (2010-10-31)
Thanks WPG! Excellent service and quality made boots! I know these will last me a very long time! Thanks again.

Henley - AU
UK Ammo Boots (2010-10-31)
Look great and thanks for the flawless transaction and fast shipping. I wear a 9.5, ordered a 10 and fit nicely.

Scott - HK
Ammo boots (2010-10-26)
Thanks, very nice boots.

Musil - CZ
ammo boots (2010-10-19)
Je suis vraiment ravi avec mes chaussures !!! Elles sont de très bonne qualité.

weiss - FR
Excellent value! (2010-09-08)
Customer service and shipping superb. Fit excellent. Quite comfortable. One quibble with finish - had to take them to my cobbler to fix a nail sticking up through the insole into my left heel. Thought there was a stone in my boot but it turned out to be my boot attacking me.

Bob - US
Very good !!!!!!!!!! (2010-09-01)
Order a size up ! These boots are best value for money on the market !!! They are late 1942 pattern (three rows of five nails) and they are made for walkin' !!!

British Ammo Boots (2010-08-19)
Great boots !!! Solid construction. Too bad they size one size smaller, I had to backorder 12W and I normally wear 10,5W shoes !!!

Simply the best (2010-07-17)
My first pair, and what a great pair! Sure beats my farby boots. Exactly as I have seen. Only the best from Jerry.

Mateja - US
Best Reenactor Boots Anywhere (2010-07-15)
When I was planning to march 70 miles across northern France for an event, I was a little leery about using a pair of reproduction boots. I shouldn''t have worried. After 100 miles of training marches on asphalt, and a further 70 miles on the actual march, these boots have held up beautifully. They''re comfortable, they''re durable, and they''re a dead on copy of originals.

The only downside is that the repro hobnails that come with them are crap. Replace them with originals, and you can''t go wrong!

Peter - Virginia, USA
British ammo boots (2010-07-07)
Good boots, fast shipping.

Lopez - ES
Review for British Ammo Boots (2010-06-28)
In one word spectacular.
Quality of the boots is outstanding. During reenactment I got a lot of compliments on these boots. The leather is great and the toe and heel irons and hobnails really finish it of.
The fit is perfect, no blisters wearing them te first time all day long. Normally I wear a size 9, with these boots I needed a size 10 though. I had to switch my initially ordered size 9 and this was done in a swift way by WPG warehouse with good and responsive email communications.

Krancher - ID
41RMC (2010-06-17)
Nice boots, I'm happy with this purchase!

Sorich - US
British Ammo Boots (2010-06-11)
Very nice boots. Good quality, albeit a little stiff at first. Just have to walk them in a little.

De Clercq - BE
Ammo Boots (2010-05-22)
Haven't tried them in the Field Yet....but they sure look great!

Clinton - US
British ammo boots (2010-05-01)
Une reproduction de très belle manufacture, fidèle à l'originale, aucun défaut.
Une des meilleur sur le marché. +++

British Ammo Boots (2010-04-26)
Best pair of boots yet. THANKS AGAIN

Hetman - US
I remember (2010-03-25)
Great reproduction. I ordered a size up and the fit is prefect for me too. Remember a young friend. He look so cool with his ammo boots. Wear them each day from the first day at junior high to graduation day in college. Winter/summer with thick grey army wool socks like his 3 older brothers does. Never had permission from his father to wear sneakers. Money was an issues and war surplus was cheap.

Louis - Canada
Great boots (2010-03-04)
I ordered a size up and the fit is prefect, these are a a nice heavy leather, they should wear well

Tim - Nova Scotia
amo booths (2010-02-11)
Thank you.
The shoes have finally arrived,with a detour.
I hope that it will be better in the future.
Rob Krimp

Krimp - NL
WPG Ammo Boots. (2010-02-07)
Excellent reproduction, I'm a 9 and I ordered a size up, which I found to be an excellent strategy after taking them for a walk and wearing them through some Saturday chores. When I get home, my room is full of a lovely fresh leather smell- unbeatable! And I love the leather laces! Now I just need my new WPG BD to arrive :)

Dan - NZ
I can't seem to stop buying these... (2010-02-02)
Great reproductions. The best out there. They make great Wedding/Birthday/Graduation/BabyShower gifts...

McNamara - US
boots (2010-01-08)
a great pair of boots, size 11 fits perfect for german 45.
a perfect repro - thank´s wpg
one more compliment for the great service

Schatull - DE
British Ammo Boots (2010-01-02)
Very pleased with my boots. Fits like a charm and well made. Thanks for the extra lasses and hob nails.
Happy New Year!
Carleton & York Reg.

Godin - CA
Military Best Buys (2009-12-24)
I couldn't be happier with the quality and price of these boots! The shipping time was fantastic!

Webb - US
Delighted!! (2009-12-16)
Less than a week to arrive, and am very happy with the boots, also recieved spare laces and spare hob nails,which was a nice touch. Very well made also, another great item from WPG!!

Geoghegan - IE
British Ammo Boots (2009-12-11)
Good item, fast shipping.

Michal - CZ
Super (2009-11-16)
Super boots. Fits perfect and the delivery to Sweden was very fast.

Bengtsson - SE
boots (2009-11-15)
Arrived quickly, fit great, but stiff. But that is to be expected with new boots.

Epstein - US
Best pair of boots I've ever bought... (2009-10-30)
Great stuff! Extremely well made, all leather and are actually made with a wide sized sole.

As per some previous comments they are still being made in India; loved getting a few pages from an Indian newspaper as packaging material. Probably how they would have arrived back in the '40's!

These fitted me perfectly; I though they would have been a bit clunky looking but instead are very shaped and form fitting, while still being a terrific fit.

Will definitely take some breaking in, which is a good thing because it means they're as tough as nails and will last for ever.

And you get a spare set of laces plus a few replacement hob-nails included

Griffiths - AU
Ammo Boots (2009-10-30)
Spec-bloody-tacular These are the real deal. Fit is as good as any of my other boots and they follow the original pattern very nicely.

Oberle - US
These boots were made for walkin'... (2009-10-21)
Superb! 'nuff said.

Yates - GB
Very Good Reproductions (2009-07-22)
This is my second pair of WPG Ammo Boots, and I've always been happy with their quality and durability. The only flaw are the repro hobnails, which are too small and are not as durable as originals. But for reenactors with relatively big feet like mine, these boots are the way to go.

Geyer - US
Nice quality and good looking – Very fast delivery.

Abrahamson - DK
need to exchange. How? (2009-07-16)
Need to send them back for exchange to smaller size. No issue at all with construction or quality.
Issue is size listing in on-line order form. There it only shows whole sizes, and does not mention Wide marking. I take a US 11 wide. All I saw was either "11 or 12". Past experiance with shoes is that a normal size larger will work is my 11 Wide is not offered. When these came in, I saw that they were marked "12Wide". They are too big. SO, I will ask to swap them for an 11 Wide and I should be set.

What do I need to do before sending them back?

burrill - US
Comparison (2009-07-09)
This new line of Ammo boots are a little bit different from the earlier line. The leather is a tiny bit softer so that breaking them in might be quicker. I think I can put foot inserts inside and my heel would not get rubbed raw. I would still recommend buying one size larger. I think the manufacture puts on the liquid shine, which of course needs to be stripped an black dye reapplied. It still a very well made boot, and these new ones will be my walking out pair.

Yazzie - US
Amazing repro!!! (2009-07-02)
Great quality boots, and they look fantastic!

Violet - US
boots (2009-06-28)
looks very good and quality

Dobias - CZ
Mr. David (2009-06-27)
Very good quality, nice fit, fast service. These boots should last for a long time. Pleasent buying expreience. David Y.

Yarbrough - US
Construction Inspector (civil) (2009-06-25)
Dear Sir:
I have three constructive criticisms; the first is that they are a little on the large side (about 1/2 size), compared to my other work boots, secondly, they appear (from photos and drawings/paintings that I've seen),somewhat wide just behind the toe area, and lastly, the leather laces; while they might be period correct (?), my experience with leather laces is that they loosen easily, and, one of mine broke when I laced it up. I'm going to replace them. Otherwise the boots are just the great quality I expected from you.
Rich Needham

Needham - US
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