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Ms. (2012-06-25)
The mark V11 original bag came in excellent condition and the husband is very happy with it! The optional leather strap is a must to complete the Indiana Jones look. Delivery was soooo fast! I should have ordered more items at the same time. Great Fathers Day gift!!! Thanks.

Paccanaro - CA
Awsome MK VII bag! (2012-06-25)
These days it's very diffucult to find a W&G bag, but finding one in such a fine condition, no stains and no smell, it almost imposible. Great item to buy!

O''Brien - Argentina
MK VII GAS MASK BAG (2012-06-16)
Another fantastic item form these guys...speedy delivery and great service.

W.R - AU
perfect (2012-06-08)
This bag is in amazing condition. It took three days to get Herr after being shipped. Wow!

The strap is of great quality and there are only minor imperfections in the metal of the bag. Otherwise better than expected!

Weaver - US
Mark VII Original (2012-06-06)
Great bag and it shipped right away. It's everything I hoped it would be. Leather strap is nice too, though I wish it were about 10" longer. All in all I am extremely satisfied.

Bryan S - US
Fantastic! (2012-06-02)
When I opened the delivery package and took out the bag, I almost thought I was looking at a new item. I never would have believed that it was 70 years old! Practically mint MK VII bag. No holes, ho tears, no discoloration. Threading and buttons are all in tact. Fast order processing and shipping. I am very happy with this purchase!

Landon - US
Great buy! (2012-05-23)
I purchased one of the W&G bags and is excellent. Perfect shape! My only gripe is that one of the snaps broke when I tried to unfasten it. Considering that it is seventy years old, I really can't complain. I don't think Indy ever used the snaps anyway. :)

Dalton - US
MK VII bag. (2012-05-11)
The bags for being original are in great shape, like new. It completes the WWI look for the era.

Patterson - US
great (2012-05-10)
exceeded my expectations. old, but in great shape. everything is intact and doesn't have much wear. great price

Bergin - US
Original, Genuine (2012-04-29)
great, good, go to order now!

Poonsup - TH
Mark VII Bag for Gas Mask (2012-04-25)
The bag looks like it was just made and even the brass snaps and vent holes were without tarnish. This is what I was looking for.

Patterson - US
The MK VII (MARK SEVEN) Bag ORIGINAL (2012-04-25)
I am thanking for your appropriate treatment.

Katsuura - JP
Great Service (2012-04-24)
Great service, great product!

Las Vegas - US
Mr (2012-04-24)
Awesome bag, less than desirable shipping and billing practices. I had an issue processing my charge card and had to call to clear that up and even after I proof read my shipping address (which was correct on the document you sent to me)you still some how managed to get it wrong delaying my package 2 days!

John - US
Great (2012-04-13)
Awesome get on this bag. Very good service! Highly reccomended!

Obr - US
Pleasantly Surprised (2012-04-13)
I was a little concerned ordering a 70 year old relic from a company I was unfamiliar with and from what sounds like a stockpile of unissued Mark VII bags. Well, when I opened up the package, which didn't take long to get to me, mine was EXACTLY what I was expecting. On mine, even the brass snap buttons still had a shine to them. I should get another 70 years out of this well made bag. BTW - I purchased the Waring & Gilbow Ltd. bag and mine is stamped 1941. Pretty Cool!

Stewart - US
Excellent! (2012-03-22)
The bag is great! I have received multiple complements! Very happy with this purchase and will likely purchase more for others.

Nathanial4 - US
indy bag (2012-03-19)

Fisher - CA
Awesome bag and Fast Shipping! (2012-03-17)
This is the second bag I've ordered from them and this one got here even faster than the last and in great shape.

Carlson - US
5 (2012-03-15)
Very fast shipping, the bag and the leather strap are perfect.
Thank you

The MK VII (MARK SEVEN) Bag ORIGINAL (2012-03-14)
Item as described,Communication,fast shipping! thanks!


zulvan - ID
1942 W&G Bag (2012-03-14)
Excellent condition, great communication with the sellers, and fast delivery! Good stuff...Thanks

Goldsmith - US
Indy Bag (2012-03-06)
Very best and unexpected speed of delivery to the US, considering it came from UAE!!! Faster than most deliveries from within the US.

Bag is in mint condition--no rust tarnish on the metal. Amazing for a WWII-era bag. After removal of the main compartment divider and the original strap, the bag is ready for use. Pleasantly surprised by smaller organizer pockets inside, perfect for cell phone and/or passport, unexpected. Great value for original WWII-era bag.

A little too small for 8.5x11 documents, but not outside of the advertized size, so I guess I failed to manage my own expectations. Additionally, more green than khaki, but again, after reading the detailed description, this should have been clear to me.

Leather strap isn't the best I've seen, but well worth the paid value, and does look identical to the one Indy wore in the movies if that's important. Will likely wear-in after a period of use.

Arntson - US
Very Nice (2012-02-26)
I ordered the bag on a Sunday and had it Thursday. It's old but nice and in great shape.

Rider - US
superspeedy delivery - great product (2012-02-20)
My order was delivered overseas within 6 days! Absolutely satisfactory service, product arrived just as described.

Eggers - DE
Mk VII bag (2012-02-14)
Fabulous condition and fast shipping. Thanks!

Vivian - US
MK VII (2012-02-07)
70 yrs old & like new. Very cool. This bag beats any reproduction. May have to buy another. The service is exceptional and shipping is extremely fast. I highly recommend WPG. Keep up the good work.

Travis - CA
many tks (2012-02-07)
Thanks for the good product, I can enjoy it. Take care.

Park - US
Very happy with and would buy from again! (2012-01-25)
I'm extremely happy with my bag and WPG. My bag shipped from the UAE to the USA and then finally to me here in Okinawa, Japan in a very timely manner and in perfect condition.

Carlson - US
Looks, Feels and smells just right (2012-01-24)
I LOVE the W&G original Mk VII bag! It has the perfect aged color to it, it smells the way it should smell in my mind( I know, I'm an Indy geek) and it has that old, wonderful feel to it of being well broken in.

Gekko - US
W&G indina jones gas mask bag (2012-01-20)
thank you for addressing my request. the bag is perfect, I will tell all of my friends what great service you give. the shipping was super quick three days. from the UAE to Rochester Thank you again. Butch

Lawrence - US
W&G indina jones gas mask bag (2012-01-12)
Very prompt service the product was as stated. will do return for more products

Lawrence - US
WPG (indiana Jones bag) (2012-01-09)
This bag looks like it was stolen from the set of Raiders! It is in excellent shape and surprisingly still has the chest tie string after all these years. Excellent bag!

Anthony - USA
Mark VII Bag (2011-12-19)
Very very cool. Had initial email mix up with paypal payment but was resolved after forwarding payment receipt through.

Fisher - GB
Great Quality and FAST shipping! (2011-12-07)
What you get is really incredible! I wanted to get the authentic bag that Indy wore in the movie for my bf for Christmas. Jerry made it happen. Super FAST shipping and great quality for 70 years old! I def will recommend to everyone!!! 5 STARS for sure!!!

Indyfansgf - US
Very Nice Bag! (2011-12-06)
Great condition considering the age! This is the only bag to get if you want "The Real Deal Holyfield of the Indy Bags"!

Warrington - US
MK VII Canvas Bag (2011-12-06)
The bag is awesome. Use it to carry my tablet and other gadgets and got many positive comments about it. Ordered 1 and then got another to give as gift. The bag is sturdy. The metal parts are not corroded. Had to replace the strap as it is too short for me. The only complaint I have is that price was a bit high for a canvas bag (albeit with some history) but as I use the bag more and more that does not bother me so much. All-in-all I have to rate the bag and the service a 5.

Vretanos - CA
Indy Bag (2011-11-28)
Nothing I can add that hasn't been said. Very fast delivery. Exchanged my defective bag without fuss. Friendly customer service.

Liu - AU
Mark VII Bag (2011-11-25)
The bag is really great and I couldn't believe how quickly it arrived coming from Dubai. The leather strap looks perfect on it. Amazing work. Great job!

Brendan - MN, USA
EXCELLENT !! (2011-11-23)
I had received the bag safely. Very good condition. Very good service.

Nobu - JP
MKV VII Bag (2011-11-16)
Thanks for your being so professional and fast!!!

I even consider buying another item from you, guys, so see you very soon!!!


Levystone - FR
Mk VII "Indy" gas mask bag (2011-11-03)
This bag is in mint and unissued condition marked W&G 1942. No rust, not mildew, and ready to have the canvas strap cut off and a leather ROTLA strap attached for whatever adventure life throws at a bad penny...these bags just seem to to keep showing up.

Caskey - US
MK V11 BAG (2011-10-30)
Superb piece of kit.Loads of compartments for my
stuff.Trouble free transaction and fast delivery
and as usual, excellent quality.Chuffed to bits.

Great experience (2011-10-22)
The bag was in great shape, and the company is wonderful: fast shipping, great return policy. I'll definitely be buying from them again.

Michael - US
Mark7 (2011-10-12)
the bag is beautifull. very good condition. super fast shipping. great customer service! I'm getting another soon ;-)

Eric - NO
Simon (2011-10-10)
Just like the original

Lovell-Smith - GB
Once again, we have a winner (2011-09-28)
Very pleased with my second W&G MK VII bag. WPG customer service is top notch.

Thanks again

Wilson - US
MK VII bag Orriginal (2011-09-21)
Happy, I'd say is an understatement. 1st bag some how got damaged, WPG sent me a new bag PDQ.
And it's in awsome condtion.
I may even buy another in near future.

Wilson - US
Superb! (2011-09-13)
As new and delivered faster than most domestic mail!

Dommers - US
I am so happy with the service!!! (2011-09-12)
I bought the item as a gift for my husband so i can't comment on it itself but I was shocked with how fast I got it. The item came from the UAE (to Ottawa Canada) in the same amount of time it took me to recieve an order from Toronto. I also didn't feel like I was being ripped off on the hipping cost. I was so pleased with the speedy cheap shipping i even posted on my Facebook wall about it.

Sauve - CA
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