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Strange size (2008-03-06)
First, it seems like a well made jacket. But the size or proportions of it are very strange. I got a large, but the sleeves are ridiculously baggy and the length of the jacket is too short. Strange. But, yeah, if you want a really heavy, warm jacket, this is one.

Jon M - UK
Winter combat jacket (2008-01-07)
Wow! This is a real beaut. Not only accurate for living history, the zipper even says Talon on it, but a great jacket in its own right. Quality. I''ll be wearing this all winter.

Jim - Vermont
Great jacket (2007-12-14)
Item is very well constructed and the quality of the materials is first rate. Another quality reproduction for WPG

Randy - Iowa
Heavyweight winner! (2007-12-02)
WPG has the best WWII Tanker on the market hands down, when comparing price, details and fit! The WPG Tanker jacket is heavy oz. just as the originals and the color is correct. Most cost affective repro tankers out there look the part but are too lightweight! I place the WPG Tanker up there with a spendy Buzz Rickson. WPG hits on the mark in all areas including price making it the winner..

Scott - South Dakota
US Tanker Jacket (2007-09-13)
This jacket is substantial, the heavy cotton twill shell and 100% wool lining make it tough as nails yet very comfortable. The tailoring makes it fit like a glove. Special attention to replicate the original is apparent in just about every detail including the genuine o.d. color. High quality material, craftsmanship, authentic design and affordability make this a winner.

Jim - Lexington, KY
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