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tankers jacket (2010-11-15)
Has to be one of the best repro jacket on the market

Farnfield - GB
tanker jacket (2010-05-14)
nice coat.
fast shipping.


sorlury - NL
Tanker Jacket (2010-01-04)
This Jacket is a great value for the money.
I bought it for civilian casual wear (with jeans), not for field WW2 reenactments duty. The stitching, quality of material and workmanship are very acceptable and much appreciated. I can't help but feel like a returning WW2 veteran in 1945 when I'm wearing it.

Bisares - US
Oustanding For The Quality & Price (2009-11-24)
First I''ll start with the incredibly fast processing & shipping...I only ordered this item on Saturday & received it on Tuesday which is amazing. Having ordered from WPG before & been pleased with everything from Mackinaws & ETO Jackets to the British P1902 (which I converted to US 27th Division standard with NYNG Collar Discs & US Buttons)I knew I''d be getting a quality item. I am very pleased with the fit. While a previous reviewer was right that there is no "taper" considering what was to be worn underneath that is understandable. I originally dreaded the fit of the sleeves being only a 33/34 but they are not as long as I thought. I hihly recommend Jerry''s Tanker Jacket.

Michael - Staten Island,Noo Yawk,USA
US Tanker Jacket (2009-11-24)
Great jacket, but a little smaller than I expected. Other than that it is a great jacket and exactly what I expected it to be.

Steven - NL
US Tanker Jacket (2009-10-31)
Item like described and fast shipment!
Very nice and heavy made jacket! Because of the reviews, I ordered S (I usually wear M) and around the chest it is still "baggy". For the future I wish, that this fault will be corrected.

Disse - DE
US Tanker jacket (2009-10-06)
Very fast shipping,item as described,Recommended!!!A+++

Great Jacket, Great Service (2009-09-14)
Great jacket, great service, I had the thing inside of 3 days of ordering it!!!! Amazing! The jacket itself is EXACTLY what I had been looking for. I couldn't be more pleased with it and I'm now actually looking for to the colder weather so I can wear it. Thanks again.

Sean - Toronto, Canada
Paul Johnson, Reisterstown, Maryland (2009-09-01)
I have always been pleased with the quality of WPG items, and this Tanker Jacket is absolutely beautiful. I am sad to say, however, that I ended up returning it. The reason: I'm 5'6", with a 40 inch chest and 31 inch waist. When I tried the jacket on, the chest was fine, but it seems like it is cut for someone with a 40 inch chest AND a 40 inch waist -- straight down with no taper. The bottom, which is ribbed and should "snug up" around the waist, hung so loose there was about 1 inch open air all the way around -- which means during the winter there will be plenty of cold air and wind coming in. I'm guessing that since many Americans are a bit paunchy, the garment was cut to allow for the "mass" market (no punn intended?). The quality of the jacket is outstanding, it is very heavy, solid, and well-stitched. It breaks my heart to return it. If WPG ever decides to come out with a "tailored fit" version which tapers in at the waist (for us more athletic types) I'll definitely order one.

Johnson - US
Tanker Jacket (2009-08-16)
Great jacket, very authentic. Surprised me how quickly it arrived. Must say somewhat dissapointed being produced in Pakistan however. But this is a global market. Looking forward to future additions to my collection.
Tom Wills
Ontario Canada

Tankers Jacket (2009-08-08)
This is an excellent, quality, garment that will keep my nice and snug when driving my 1944 Weapons Carrier. My thanks to you for your prompt, and as ever, reliable service,

Lee Marsh
Berkhamsted, UK

Tanker Jacket (2009-08-02)
This is exactly what I hoped it would be. What a deal!

Blanks - US
tanker jacket (2009-07-06)
Great, quality item. Quick delivery. Looking forward to wearing it in the winter.

ramschisssel - US
Tanker Jacket (2009-05-22)
I got mine right when I got home on R&R leave from Iraq, also helped it was wintertime.

This jacket is simply amazing.

Samuel - Iraq
Tanker Jacket (2009-05-19)
Excellent job. The jacket is well made and looks great. Shipping was quick and the jacket was well packaged. I will be buying from WPG again for sure.

Patterson - US
Tanker Jacket (2009-04-11)
This is a good jacket with all the correct details. The only problem I have is that the zipper broke. Now I have to pay to have if replaced.

Garcia - US
US Tanker Jacket (2009-01-18)
Congratulations to WPG. This is the best repro Tanker Jacket on the market. I have had several authentic WW2 Tankers over my 45 some years of dealing with military clothing and equipment, and these are great. Jon M is right, the sleves are a bit baggy. They are supposed to be! The originals were. If they want a better fitting sleeve, buy a M1941 field jacket. If they want a longer fit, buy a M1944 field jacket. If they want a correctly sized Tanker, buy this one! My order arrived in one week from my order placement. Yes it came from UAE and was made in Pakistan. But it was correctly made and didn't cost my monthly check. Color was correct, and the material is good and heavy. The knit cuffs and collar and heavy duty too. Again, great job, and thanks for reproducing a jacket that I am proud to ware.

Roser - US
Mr (2009-01-11)
Gotta agree with Jon M, it does have strange proportions. Does seem a little short and the sleeves are pretty big, especially in proportion to the length. But, oh yes, it is very well made and will be super warm this winter.I'm going to Fort Indiantown Gap in late January & hope to look at additional items.

Joel - US

product review (2008-11-21)
very nice rendition

Lytle - US
Gotta Agree (2008-09-20)
Gotta agree with Jon M, it does have strange proportions. Does seem a little short and the sleeves are pretty big, especially in proportion to the length. But, oh yes, it is very well made and will be super warm this winter. Most jackets are for spring or fall, but this one will be great for winter. The liner is like an Army blanket, pretty nifty. If a guy is a ground troop and has gear over it, it will disquise the legnth. A great jacket/coat, just a little funny in the cut. Also, it was shipped from UAE (sand-land), a little bizarre especially since it says "made in Pakistan"...hmmm, "Buy American!?" To keep the cost down, guess Jerry has to do what he has to do. Definitely, for the money, it is a great coat.

Jeff - Ft. Riley, KS
Strange size (2008-03-06)
First, it seems like a well made jacket. But the size or proportions of it are very strange. I got a large, but the sleeves are ridiculously baggy and the length of the jacket is too short. Strange. But, yeah, if you want a really heavy, warm jacket, this is one.

Jon M - UK
Winter combat jacket (2008-01-07)
Wow! This is a real beaut. Not only accurate for living history, the zipper even says Talon on it, but a great jacket in its own right. Quality. I''ll be wearing this all winter.

Jim - Vermont
Great jacket (2007-12-14)
Item is very well constructed and the quality of the materials is first rate. Another quality reproduction for WPG

Randy - Iowa
Heavyweight winner! (2007-12-02)
WPG has the best WWII Tanker on the market hands down, when comparing price, details and fit! The WPG Tanker jacket is heavy oz. just as the originals and the color is correct. Most cost affective repro tankers out there look the part but are too lightweight! I place the WPG Tanker up there with a spendy Buzz Rickson. WPG hits on the mark in all areas including price making it the winner..

Scott - South Dakota
US Tanker Jacket (2007-09-13)
This jacket is substantial, the heavy cotton twill shell and 100% wool lining make it tough as nails yet very comfortable. The tailoring makes it fit like a glove. Special attention to replicate the original is apparent in just about every detail including the genuine o.d. color. High quality material, craftsmanship, authentic design and affordability make this a winner.

Jim - Lexington, KY
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