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Indian Sweater (2009-12-14)
Fits great and is nice and warm and itchy. Am planning in wearing it when I travel over the holidays. Thanks again for another great job!

Ed S - US
Fine (2009-12-13)
Very nice Pullover in very good qualitiy.
Sizing is true

Schatull - DE
Excellent (2009-12-12)
Sizing is good, pockets are deep enough to carry any cell phone, and it's heavy. Comfortable and warm. Arrived quickly and works well.

Jacob - US
EXCELLENT Reproduction (2009-12-03)
What a beautiful sweater. First night I got it I wore it to the supermarket and got 3 comments from people I new. My wife even loves it !

Gibson - US
Indian Army Khaki Sweater (2009-11-02)
This too, as are all things I've received from WPG, is first rate!

Hampton - US
Indian Army sweater (2009-10-21)
A good, heavy, well made sweater. Nice
looking as well.

Iggulden - CA
Indian Army Khaki Sweater (2009-10-21)
arrived in record time and fits like a glove.
It's fantastic. regards

marco lucchetti italy

Lucchetti - IT
Perfect item (2009-10-17)
Fast delivered and exellent reproduction.
Lo consiglio a tutti gli italiani!!
E niente tasse doganali!!!!

Luca - IT
Pass the sand,old man! (2009-09-19)
Excellent quality item- very Far eastern in look and feel. Just right for the Fair Type! Sizing is true- I''m a 40 chest-ordered a 40/42 and its spot on old chap.

Steve - Melbourne, Australia
Indian Army Khaki Sweater (2009-08-04)
Arrived right on time, like everything else I've ordered from WPG. A great, warm jumper (sweater).
One really looks like a pukka sahib in this!
Mark G, Melbourne, Australia

Gibson - AU
indian army sweater (2009-07-30)
arrived on time fits like it should i am happy with purchase

houser - US
Sweater (2009-07-10)
A well made swearter. The first one that came was oversized with long sleves. I asked to return it and did so. A replacement in a smaller size came quickly. This is a better fit.
Would be nice to have the elbow patchs placed a bit higer, yet overall a nice item.

Belyea - US
Indian Army Sweater (2009-06-17)
arrived in record time and fits like a glove.
an excellent sweater let down a bit by a small split at the seam on the bottom. It will however keep me warm and cosy and goes well with my aertex khaki shirt!

waller - GB
When the cold winds blow. . . (2009-06-09)
I will be ready with my new Indian Army Sweater. First rate kit, beautiful repro, heavy weight for the "real" world. Came in record time! Great job, Jerry, per usual.

McGrath - US
Good Item (2009-06-06)
A well made heavy sweater in nearly unissued shape. Mine runs abit large, but all in all a great item at a reasonable price. Quickly shipped. Thank you.

Beutner - US
Indian Army Khaki Sweater (2009-06-04)
Received mine yesterday after a one week wait-delivery time was AWESOME !!! Found it a good fit, has decent construction, probably the best repro sweater in my kit !!! Great job Jerry !!!

Johnnie - 15 Scottish Div HQ, Gambrills,MD,USA
Indian pullover (2009-06-04)
Excellent quality. It's a lot better than most current issue army pullovers I've seem.

The cut is styling are both great.

lovley quality generally but.... (2009-05-08)
this item is a nice heavy weight item great design but can shed its buttons easily and mine had a hole in it when it arrived but after a darn it was not noticeble, again this product would benefit from a size or two bigger being available on top of its current max size as it is quite snug lol

nick - u.k
Indian sweater (2009-04-01)
A good Sweater(pullover) .Looks Fine.

Petros - Germany
Indian Army Khaki Sweater with Pockets and Epaulets (2009-03-11)
All I can say that it is a beautiful and elegant wool sweater to be use in the city or in the woods. I do wear mine with pride.

Urlich-Vivar - US
Sweater (2009-03-05)
Button threads a little loose but will look good on cold Helmand nights!

Parker - UK
Great (2009-02-09)
Super quality as expected and size was accurate

Nicander - SWEDEN
Khaki Sweater (2009-02-04)
Better quality than expected for such a reasonable price!

Bartlett - US
Wonderful (2009-01-03)
Great item, excellent quality as usual.

Great Sweater (2008-12-14)
This sweater is great. It was true to size and very warm. It is a really heavy weight sweater and looks great. I am really happy with it.

Hardy - US
SHAUN (2008-11-27)
Excellent..kept me warm in the shell hole
outside Tobruck..blasted jerries kept dropping
shells all over the place..chin up..

Indian Army Sweater (2008-09-22)
This is a wonderful sweater, identical to the one worn by the 'Two Types' of which I have a complete edition.

Congratulations to Jerry and the team.

Peter MacPherson U.K.

MacPherson - UK
Better than Picture (2008-08-29)
Just got my Indian army sweater : it's even better looking than on the pic.
Great feeling too. Many thanks to you and your team.

Mitch - Canada
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