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NICE ITEM. i AM 6'1" medium build & the jumper fit is really nice, though the sleeves could do with being a little longer. Delivery was really fast. Very pleased.

UK RAF Submarine sweater (2012-03-13)
Quick delivery and an excellent quality sweater

raijmann - NL
Rollneck pullover (2012-02-23)
Brought a large for arm length, fits well with room in the body. Not into wool clothes, but have worn this regularily since Christmas.

Richard - England
British Submarine Sweater (2012-02-02)
I actually bought the sweater for my girlfriend who said she loved it because it was 'just like the one Bridgette Bardot wore'. She loves it and I was very impressed with the quality and feel of the wool. Highly recommended and as many others have stated, pretty much perfect. I might get one for myself now!

Cartner - US
Thank god it got cold in the UK this week! Great sweater, great price, great all round. Please make it in navy?

holcombe - GB
***** (2012-01-31)
Great sweater. Fits perfect, Many thanks!

Bengtsson - SE
xxxxxxx (2012-01-22)
too short otherwise okay

wormwood - US
Submarine sweater (2012-01-19)
Just like everything from WPG, first rate product. I ordered an XL as like others say the sleeves are short, but that's minor

Sjostrom - US
Brit Sweater (2012-01-12)
Great sweater. I am 6'1" - 175lbs - med. build. I ordered a large and it seemed abit roomy in the back, so I ordered a med. to see how that fit. There is not a alot of difference between Lg.& Med. The med. is slightly snug but still has room for t-shirt and the sleeves are slightly shorter, but they do stretch. BTW, the wool is outstanding - feels like angora.
Now I just need a Spitfire and an English babe that looks like Jane Seymour!

Sprague - US
A great value (2012-01-11)
Great sweater and super fast delivery. I've been looking for one of these sweaters for aeons and I am quite pleased with the quality and fit. Thanks!

Lundrigan - CA
Submarine Sweater (2012-01-05)
Great item, 100% satisfied!

Hocutt - US
RAF SWEATER (2012-01-03)
AWESOME!!!! I'm quite impressed!I am a 44 and the Large (42-44) fits well under my B-6 Flight jacket. HALEY AVIATION ENTERPRISES

haley - US
3 items bought, WW2 repro (2011-12-29)
Excellent repro items (3), quick sending and delivery (after residing some days at customs). Recommended !

Lambrecht - BE
RAF / Submarine Sweater (2011-12-23)
Excellent sweater! Goog service, great value. Thank you.

Trill - GB
..... (2011-12-22)
... Good

Murphy - US
Me (2011-12-19)
Quick delivery and an excellent quality sweater.

Wilby - GB
mr r j (2011-12-19)
pleasure to deal with mr malik,fast efficent service will deal with this company again

UK RAF Submarine sweater (2011-12-13)

Shestopalov - RU
good sweater (2011-11-13)
Very thick and warm. Many say the sleeves are too short, but I think it's perfect as it doesn't get in the way.

B W - CA
S.S.KLESPERT, (2011-11-02)
Nice sub sweater.Sleeves not too short for me Good quality for price paid.
Quick delivery ( one week or less ) .

Sylvain - FR
Turtleneck white RN sweater (2011-10-29)
Fine, a very nicely made and comfortable sweater--sleeves run a bit short, but they will no doubt stretch---I doubt I'll ever really wash it!(cold water--and that's ...maybe)

Valter - US
UK RAF Submarine Sweater (2011-10-28)
First let me say the idea of a man in a white turtleneck sweater is not very manly. That said, you've never seen these sweaters. The Military Service Academies have it right.
This thing is a work of beauty. Do not buy it to snug; give yourself some room. Have it is old military service wear.. and prepare to be amazed.
I'm 5'10", 160lb. Shirt size is 17"-36". I bought the large and it fits like a glove.

I received it only a few days after ordering it. it was shipped UAE; I'm in Wash, DC. I could not be happier. I cannot wait for the cold weather. USAF.

sweater (2011-10-27)
Pretty much perfect.

Nelson - CA
Mr (2011-10-10)
Love the sweater.Will go well with my other British uniform items. Now if the weather will cool off so I can wear it.

Morgan - US
submarine jumper (2011-10-03)
very pleased with this item , as for comments about short sleeves , these are fine , but then i ordered the correct size . Just need the weather to turn cold now so i can fully appreciate it

mullen - GB
Very nice sweater! (2011-08-31)
Looks great with my RAF leather jacket! Sure, the sleeves could have been an inch longer, but still: a very nice and warm sweater.

Are - Norway
submarine zweater (2011-08-24)
verry promt delivery,great servise and what an quality it is.

mol - NL
Awesome (2011-08-22)
Sleeves are a little short, but they stretch. Softer and more comfortable than I expected, but just as cool as I expected.

Becker - US
RAF sweater (2011-08-14)
Got my package 2 days ago.Here''s my 2 cents:
I''m a 42" chest & 32" waist. I ordered a size 40-42. It was PERFECT. My shoulder to my cuff is 22 1/2". I body build. I weigh 185 lbs. For those of you who do the same this is a great looking sweater! The TURTLE NECK is QUITE thick though. I like the look so it''s ok.It''s not too thick, the wool. I didn''t wear a
t- shirt shirt underneath. Forms to your body well. For those who complain about the short sleeve: There is some truth to this. It''s not REALLY a big deal though. Measure your shoulder to your wrist. I had my sleeve bottom rolled up a bit even like a real KRIEGSMARINER!If you have a problem WASH the sleeve and stretch it a bit. Once it dries it''ll be perfect!If you want a great clinging fit don''t order OVER YOUR SIZE. If you''re 42 don''t get a 46 unless you want it loose!2" under or the button is the rule for me for a SHAPELY fit. This is 1940 not 2011!! WHETHER in a U BOAT or RCAF/RAF, get in shape!

CHI - CANADA ,Burnaby BC
Sweater (2011-06-26)
As others have mentioned, the sleeves seem a bit short. I'm a 42" chest and the L fits okay, although since it's wool I worry a bit about shrinkage. I'd like to see if the XL fits better in the sleeve, so maybe next time I'll order XL, but I'm happy with this purchase. Washing in cold water and stretching the sleeves out while drip drying may solve the sleeve issue. Still, I suggest WPG adjust the sleeve length to add an inch or two.

Cooper - US
UK RAF Submarine sweater (2011-06-03)
Simply awsome!!!

Perfet repro, I like it very much!
And also the shipping was fast and cheap!
Thnak you very much!

Sansottera - IT
RAF/Navy (2011-04-19)
Excellent sweater. Near indistinguishable from the ones my grandfather used flying Typhoons in ww2.

TM, - NO
Sweater (2011-03-26)
A nice sweater. Just as I expected it.

Lambert - US
UK RAF Submarine sweater (2011-02-15)
Just got the sweater and it's perfect. If you are a size 44 regular, the XL will have a nice fit. Shipping to Sweden took just 10 days.

Ryden - SE
nice sweater but slightly misleading description (2011-02-14)
Just what my father wanted, but the description said loose fit--I ordered his normal sweater size and the it was a little snug.

Wozniak - US
frank, be (2011-02-12)
great sweater, this is the second one I've baught. Very happy with it.

wauters - BE
frank be (2011-02-12)
great sweater, 2nd one I baught all the best

wauters - BE
UK RAF submarine turtleneck (2011-02-12)
I am always amazed with the quality of WPG products and this sweater is no exception. Fit, appearance, and authenticity was exceptional!

Gutoski - US

Bill payer (2011-02-10)
A beautiful thing that fits well, is warm and makes you feel like Montgomery ( or Lord Mountbatten)Arrived very quick. Jerry knows what he s doing and no nonsense!

colihan - US
good sweater (2011-02-08)
really love the sweater, delivered pretty quickly. wish the sleeves were a bit longer.

Ganz - US
excellent sweater (2011-02-06)
very prompt delivery, great service. excellent quality, and true-to-size.

Hanson - US
Sweater (2011-02-06)
Happy to have this one, will look great re-enacting navy or RAF.

Kosmeijer - NL
Tus GER (2011-02-03)
Great quality good wool

Dr - DE
A good buy! (2011-02-02)
I was pleasantly surprised by this sweater that I''ve read so much about. Everything about this sweater was exactly what I hoped for. Great color, the ruggedness and the fit. I agree sleeves could have been a bit longer but it''s not a problem. I went for a medium and I''m glad I did. It fits perfectly.

Froogy - Sweden
Better than expected (2011-01-29)
This sweater weas better than expected.

The catalog does not do it justice.

Fit is perfect.
i am 5'11, 195lbs, size 43 jacket.
body is roomy, but not loose, sleeve length was perfect

lem - US
Good gear (2011-01-25)
The sleeves are long enough on me to roll up. Interesting since an Iris fisherman sweater I have doesn't have sleeves that long. Neither does the surplus RCN sweater I have that this one is to replace.
The weave is not as tight or as thick as the surplus RCN sweater.

Ricci - US
Perfect Sweater (2011-01-25)
Just got the sweater and it's perfect. Very warm and fits great (I'm a 44 chest and the L is a nice fit.) Shipping to the US took just 5 days.

Mike G - US
Mr (2011-01-24)
Great sweater; I'm 6'1" (185cm) and ordered XXL which fit very well; very pleased with purchase

Beeston - US
RN sweater (2011-01-22)
worth the wait,good quality and timeless style

attew - GB
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