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Aertex shirts & HBT trousers (2009-07-12)
I really like the Brit Desert shirts and US HBT trousers , Great Quality , Fast shipping , and just the thing for Hot summer days , I have never had a problem with any WPG product

Brooks - US
UK WWII Aertex Desert Shirts (2009-07-04)
Very well made, good quality reproduction. Excellent service and fast delivery. Absolutely top drawer.

Micallef - MT
Desert Shirts (2009-06-24)
Excellent products and fantastic service.

Henley - AU
desert shirt (2009-06-16)
Outstanding repro! Identical to my original, only I can wear this one without fear of damage to a valuable original. A perfect copy!

Donovan - US
Smashing kit! (2009-06-11)
Very well made, good quality reproduction. Excellent service and fast delivery. Absolutely top drawer.

Pete. UK - GB
Aertex shirt (2009-06-04)
The shirt quality was very good and looked authentic.

The arms were about an inch too short and the chest was a bit tight. I roll the sleves up, so it doesn't matter. Next time I'll order one size up. It's a great shirt though.

WPG the Best (2009-05-31)
Good communication and fast shipment!
Always a pleasure. Thanks.

Foust - US
WW2 UK Aertex Desert Shirt (2009-05-26)
The shirt is well-made and comfortable. I am pleased with the good value of this item.

Clare - Canada
Khaki Aertex Shirt (2009-05-23)
Great shirt. I already owned a JG one a this is just as nice.

Zuver - US
Aertex desert shirt (2009-05-21)
Just received the shirt, I fits well. Have to wait to see how it fares after a washing.

Reid - US
Splendid! (2009-05-14)
A+ Qualatie. Fit`s nice. Fast shiping as allways from WPG. A customer is here king not just a number! Thanks

Schaltegger - CH
Aertex Desert Shirt (2009-05-12)
Great Shirt !
Very good quality and confortable.

Schatull - DE
Great Value! (2009-05-09)
The shoulder strap loops were hanging by a thread. That just made it easier for me to take them off as I didn't want them anyway. The shirt looks like there was a tailor at the QM depot making custom shirts. The fit and overall quality is fantastic. Might buy another.

Ed S. - US
UK WWII Aertex Desert Shirts (2009-05-06)
excellent item Jerry is a class act as always.

Torre - US
UK WWII Aertex Desert Shirts (2009-05-06)
Very good quality and confortable. a must have

Bernaud - FR
My favorite shirt. (2009-05-01)
This shirt is spot-on and really comfy. I end up wearing it more often than my civvy shirts come summer time with the weather getting up into the triple digits.

McNasty - US
Airtex-Shirt (2009-04-01)
For S.E.Asia -Souther europe and North-Africa a must piece of Equipment.

Petros - Germany
UK WWII Aertex Desert Shirts (2009-03-22)
Hard wearing quality, excellent product

Micallef - MALTA
Good (2009-03-17)
Good shirt, Chest size on the smaller side for stated size. Very good quality

driver - UK
WWII Aertex Desert Shirts (2009-02-26)
Thanks for the quick service and delivery.

Godin - CANADA
UK WWII Aertex Desert Shirts (2009-02-25)
Very good quality. Maybe a little under sized.

Faggion - ITALY
UK WWII Aertex Desert Shirts (2009-02-10)
Reproduction unrecongnizable from the original, well done

Perfekt Shirts (2009-02-04)
Very best Shirts. Both perfect!! Fast deliver to Germany. Many Thanks A+++

Uebelmann - Germany
AERTEX SHIRT (2009-01-17)
Jerry, you've been making this shirt for years and it's absolutely perfect. Don't change a thing. Cheers, Bill

Wisher - US
A+ (2008-11-03)
perfect reproduction

Stanek - CZ
Stuart, A , UK (2008-10-07)
A very nice shirt, however, the sleeves could be about 1" longer. Most 42" chest shirts you buy commercially have longer sleeves. Maybe I just have long arms!

Avent - UK
Excellent! (2008-10-04)
It's my second shirt that I have bought from you and it looks perfect. Service was first rate and I had my shirt within 5 days of ordering it!

Lord - UK
Thanks (2008-07-16)
Hello. These fine shirts arrived yesterday, in good order. Top shelf kit. Many thanks for your v.professional service.

Mark G Gibson - Australia
Well done Maj. Jerry !! (2008-06-06)
Jerry Lee, you might have been falling behind..but my order came in fast, and the quality of the stuff is EXCELLENT. The Brit Officer boots look really well done...will tell you how they go on the use. You remain my reference supplier for any good repro wife is only lamenting she would like a Waves uniform...and can't find one.

Maurizio Piglia - New Zealand
Perfect (2007-01-08)
The best shirt that I own. I use this in hot weather for shirt sleve order. Great!

Michael - Michigan
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