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RAF bush jacket (2009-07-09)
Shipped smoothly and very-very quickly. Outstanding service Jerry, thank you! The jacket is as nice and lighter as the original ones.

german - ES
Note from Woodrow (2009-07-07)



Giancarlo Rizzi, UK (2009-07-06)
British army bush jacket. Fast delivery, good workmanship, superb value. Stylish great with jeans and shirt. A great product. I'm a regular size 42 suit jacket and the 42 inch chest bush jacket fitted me fine. Little if any shrinkage after washing at 40 deg C. Well done. Now vendor of choice for UK stuff.

Rizzi - GB
Khaki bush jacket (2009-07-05)
Very good and very similar to the WWII original I have already. Again, the only negative is that the sizing is not very accurate. I'm a 38/39, and 6ft tall, so ordered a 38 long. Length is fine, but it is quite roomy and looks too big unless I have the belt on to give it some shape.

Brainsby - GB
British Bush Jacket (2009-07-04)
Incredible detail! Outstanding quality! I am very pleased with this jacket!

Wiedenkeller - US
RAF Bush jacket (2009-06-25)
Excellent reproduction in every way, very very well made.

Could do with a wash/care label though.

Taylor - GB
Bush Jacket (2009-06-14)
Excellent Service as ever Jerry, very pleased. Going to have to get another now for personal use! David.

U.K. Bush Jacket (2009-06-11)
Very nice jacket. Fast delivery. Just the ticket for tootling into Cairo for a G and T after another scrap with that Rommel fella dont you know!
Chin Chin old bean!

Alan - Blighty
Bush Jacket (2009-05-31)
delivery was lighteneing speed. The jacket is well constructed and the fabric is the best I have seen. I am a 42 in suits, ordered a 42 Bush Jacket, but it fits like a 44. Have reordered in smaller size and look forward to many years of happy wear.
Great company!

Caughlan - US
Bush jacket (2009-05-21)
This is my second jacket and it's better than the first!!!!! Jerry's products, service and shipping are first rate. Thanks again!!!! Fantastic as always!!!!

Umstead - US
UK Belted Bush Jackets (Khaki) (2009-05-20)
Fantastic price, great quality, all around I'm extremely impressed and will gladly refer others to this site that are in search of this hard-to-find style of jacket.

Lucas Ryan - US
Flight LT, Royal Manx Flying Corps. (2009-05-17)
Jacket came in Friday evening, By Saturday morning it had wings and rank and I was the POW for a Luftwaffe reenactment group at an airshow. The jacket is wonderful, well made and a great bargain. Will certainly order more from WPG.

William Hathaway - US
excellent quality (2009-05-08)
again quality and service is superb very pleased. good work

nick - u.k
Belted Bush Jacket, Khaki (2009-04-30)
I enthusiastically recommend this item, based on quality, value and comfort.

Cut, make and trim are excellent. Good weight and grade of fabric. I wear a 40R (which is the size I ordered) and it fits comfortably.

I am seeking a brass buckle to replace the plastic one that comes with the jacket.

Nice item and I am very satisfied.

a bit small but otherwise a fine piece (2009-04-29)
I wear uniforms for a living and I know I am a size 44L. The 44L they sent was too small but the replacemnent 46L fit perfectly. I wear a 16-1/2-34 shirt and the colar and sleeves are fine for me. It was missing the button hole on one cuff and the button itself was sewn onto the wrong side of the cuff so I had to enlist the mother in law to do some repair work. Jerry has two shades of KD and this was of the tanner variety that is not have much orange in it. I plan to replace the plastic belt buckle with the two pronged standard RAF brass service dress buckle but I need to find somebody that can do round button holes to take the prongs. Jerry should consider taking the SD brass belt buckles that he has made for the SD tunics and using them on these bush jackets as that is what the old photos seem to show used. The buttons should be the football style that are fairly large but these buttons look ok and are standard military fare.

Bobka - US
Bush Jacket (2009-04-11)
Super fast service and the Bush Jacket looks
great and fits perfectly.

McGhee - US
A great find--but the tall of stature beware (2009-04-04)
I found the Bush Jacket to be well-constructed, and with a more substantial fabric than I'd anticipated. Above all, it is priced significantly below any alternatives I've come across. A word on sizing: I ordered up a size, from my traditional 48L to 50L. The jacket fits perfectly in the shoulders and girth-wise. However, it's length is puzzling: at least 2" too short, EXCEPT in the sleeves, which are probably 2" too long. In fact, the sleeves hang BELOW the jacket's hem. I'm 6'2", and I'm not sure I'd recommend this for anyone of similar height.

Tarr - US
2 Belted Bush Jackets (Khaki and jungle green (2009-04-01)
The best Jackets, quality Excellent, size is ok thanks jerry lee

arrigo antonio - ITALY
Jacket and trouser khaki (2009-03-13)
As usual, perfect service.
Thanks Jerry, untill the next time.

Arthur van der linden - HOLLAND
bush jacket (2009-03-13)
lovely jacket with fast service.

garner - UK
Jolly good! (2009-02-19)
I ordered an English mid-war uniform, and it arrived quickly, holding everything OM promised. I'm so gonna win this party! Now I only need riding boots, riding whip, a bandola and a gun :D

Søvik Jostein - NORWAY
UK Belted Bush Jackets (Khaki) (2009-02-10)
Pretty neat item

excellent (2009-01-09)
Fast delivery, excellent workmanship. Add some tropical wool trousers and desert boots and you can elbow up to any bar with flair!

Cooper - US
Beted busch jacket (2009-01-08)
Very nice jacket a big surprise
for its quality and good finish
highly recommended


Ruiz - SPAIN
Great Jacket!!! (2008-12-28)
I am 6''2 and 280 and this jacket fits great! Thank you WPG!

William - Arkansas/USA
Bush Jacket (2008-12-19)
I bought 2!! One to wear if I decide to go back to Brit reenacting, the other to wear when I fly my plane! Awesome shirts!!

Hughes - US
jacket (2008-11-05)
a dream comes true.

Cerutti - ITALY
Jason, Canada (2008-10-14)
Fantastic product, lightning fast delivery, great fitting and great looking!

Cooper - CANADA
belted bush jacket (khaki) (2008-10-13)
Thank you for this fine jacket! My order got to me within days! I was in the military for 30 years and this jacket is better than the majority of uniforms I have been issued! I am 6'' and 188 lbs. I ordered a 44 and it fits very well. the stitching is very good (no hanging threads) and the fit is tailored. It is also one of the few jackets I have found that fits me in the sleeve (mine are 35"). I have an original 1950 pattern British bush jacket and this jacket is definitely cut better and looks sharper. Thanks again!

Les - Arkansas
Khaki Bush Jacket (2008-07-12)
Good quality cloth and to the right pattern but sizes for tall men are little too short in length for those over 6 foot. I am 6''2" and odered a 42L. The fit is good in the girth but noticeably too short in length. In every other respect it is a good jacket and excellent value for money.

Robert - United Kingdom
Well done Maj. Jerry !! (2008-06-06)
Jerry Lee, you might have been falling behind..but my order came in fast, and the quality of the stuff is EXCELLENT. The Brit Officer boots look really well done...will tell you how they go on the use. You remain my reference supplier for any good repro wife is only lamenting she would like a Waves uniform...and can't find one.

Maurizio Piglia - New Zealand
RAF Bush Jackets (2008-05-27)
Very nice jacket, well made. Although i discovered the next size down would have been more fitted, i ordered a 38L. But apart from that very pleased indeed!

James - Great Britain
Bush Jacket (2008-04-19)
Well done Jerry!!! I distressed mine and it has the look and feel of being there!! Great product !!!!

Dan - New York
RAAF (2008-02-18)
Using mine for RAAF tropical pilots jacket. Excellent value for the money, glad to recommend these.

Davin - Australia
Bush-Jacket (2007-10-25)
The best jacket for an North -Africa Impression and for an affordable Prize.

Petros - Germany
Bush Jacket (2007-08-26)
Perfect Product!

Cees - Netherlands
Belted Bush Jacket (2007-08-16)
I bought this bush jacket to wear during the fall, it fits well, but is sized smaller than department store coats.

Mike - Wichita KS
Belted Bush Jacket (khaki) (2007-06-26)
Very impressed! I wear this coat on a casual basis as well as with living-history. Comfortable, well fit, and durable. A good investment for an 8th Army or otherwise desert/tropical British impression.

Kyle - California, USA
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