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Hose (2010-12-10)
Good quality, great delivery speed.


Worley - US
FANTASTIC+++ (2010-11-15)
this is the bees knees++!!! Great for your khaki Drill shorts and to show off your knobbly knees spot on- well done again WPG!

Janes - IE
Really nice item, great colour and feel V comfy (2010-10-30)
will definitely be getting more for my nobbly knees!! :u)) Best wishes David

Janes - IE
UK Khaki Full Hose (2010-10-29)
great item: accurate and perfect fit!

UK khaki full hose (2010-10-27)
Haven't worn them yet but they look and feel nice. I'm not as fat as most Yanks so maybe I will be spared this stitch-popping problem others note.

Piper - US
Khaki Hose (2010-10-22)
Good knit and color, I ordered large and wear 8.5/9 s and they are a good fit.

bargar - US
1 (2010-10-22)
Excellent product,fast shipping

Heft - US
full hose (2010-10-19)
Une très bonne qualité et une très grande rapidité de service

weiss - FR
Khaki Hose (2010-10-01)
Nice knit and appearance. However, in agreement with an earlier comment, the inner stiches popped loose on one sock and I haven't even worn them yet. The inner stiches are too tight on the other sock so it looks like I have a rubber band around my leg

Harding - US
khaki hose (2010-09-12)
just as advertised, realy well made item

Mazzarella - US
Fast,nice and serious (2010-09-11)
c'est toujours un plaisir que de commander à WPG.
Les repros sont toujours d'excellente qualité, pas de surprise à la réception !
Un site à recommander !

UK Khaki Full Hose (2010-09-02)
Super Fast shipping, considering im only at the neighboring country (Qatar), Large size exactly fit my size 10.5 US foot, fabric used is nicely soft w/ a nice shade of khaki, for the price range and quality this is a sure grab.

Pagulayan - QATAR
Don''t hesitate to get these! (2010-08-23)
I am super happy with these hose. Very happy with the quality, price, look, feel. The best at reasonable rates. WPG comes through again!

Peter - Massachusetts
Great Stuff! (2010-08-10)
Exaqctly what I was looking for!

Lewis - US
socks (2010-08-06)
excellent reproduction fast delivery

Miley - GB
UK Khaki Full Hose (2010-07-16)
Fast delivery and to think the real deal.

Faltesek - US
Costume designer (2010-07-12)
Great, were perfect for the show I am doing and fast delivery.

Instenes - US
UK Kaki full hose (2010-06-23)
Purchased my second pair. Less then two week delivery.

Borowski - US
Great Reproduction (2010-06-15)
I wore these socks as a Boy Scout in India. Too long ago to want to say when. They are very well knitted. Love them. Been looking for them for ages.

Williamson - US
UK Khaki Full Hose (2010-06-09)
Thanks for very fast delivery. Products are very good.

Mi - PL
Khaki Full Hose (2010-06-09)
Great goods, quick delivery - another perfectly normal & delightful purchase from WPG.

Ulrich - GB
UK Foldover Hose (2010-06-09)
Inner stitches on foldover not complete. Obviously no quality control on this item.

Carl - AR/USA
khaki full hose (2010-06-03)
A nice greenish hue to them, India-style, I think. I got medium, which fit my U.S. size 8.5 foot, but the tops come up my shin about 2/3 before the turn-down. They could be used as hose-tops with ankle boots and puttees or gaiters. They arrived pretty fast considering their trip from the UAE.

luder - US
ta. (2010-06-02)
fits perfect-thanks.

Hatvan - AT
Watch the fold over stitches (2010-05-31)
Very nicely knit and a good fit but watch the small inner stitches that hold the foldover in place and keep them from unravelling. Two of us popped the inner stitches on ours very quickly but thankfully they are easily fixed with a little heavy thread and loose stitches.

A.W. - Mississippi, USA
good quality, nice item

Heidrich - DE
Socks (2010-05-09)
Very Nice and very fast delivery.

Ryan - CA
UK khaki full hose (2010-05-07)
Very good quality, comfortable socks. Only remark is that size medium is actually rather short, with the tops turned over, the socks don''t reach quite below my knee. I''ll definitely get another pair in size large. Thank you also for your great customer service and speedy delivery!

Philip - UK
Mr. (2010-05-06)
Excellent quality, I have paid much more for hose that are much pooper quality. Well done!

Copeland - CA
My first order (2010-05-04)
Finest quality, fast shipment, everything is fine.

Encke - DE
Knee socks (2010-04-20)
Very nice knee socks, yet again Jerry fills a need so nicly!
And the shipping is amazingly fast (I beat the volcano)

Squiers - US
Best kilt hose on Market (2010-04-03)
These are just beautiful hose...perfect with any kilt or shorts/hiking boots.It's my 3rd pair,and my only caution is hand wash or dry clean them.

UK Khaki Full Hose (2010-03-11)
Fantastic item. Fast delivery

del Horno - ES
Awesome! (2010-03-02)
After having struggled for years with bad reproductions, it's nice to see somebody finally got it right. Definitely ordering a second pair!

Hudon - US
Great quality (2010-02-25)
The socks are great quality. Perfect for skiing and hiking.

Sales - US
Ready for the desert! (2010-02-23)
Exellent! Love them. Whish a hade purchased sevral more.

Wallin - SE
Khaki kilt full hose (2010-02-20)
great fitt, great color, good speed in getting to me.

finley - US
socks (2010-01-12)
great service and following up,product is awesome cant wait to wear full kit with them on cheers

wilson - NZ
UK Khaki Full Hose (2010-01-02)
Very happy with my purchase. Quick delivery and well packed. Nice high quality and well made.
Happy New Years to all!
Carleton & York Reg.

Godin - CA
UK Khaki Full Hose socks (2009-12-26)
Sock it to me, these arrived before the dust had even settled!!

Holbrook - AU
Very happy (2009-12-21)
I hadn't ordered anything from WPG for a good wee while. This order went smoothly and the item was sent on swiftly and arrived perfect. Kudos! A return customer-a bit sooner than before too!

LaMarre - US
Kilt Hose (2009-12-10)
Fantastic reproduction! Very comfortable, again another bargain from WPG.

Gordon - GB
UK Khaki Full Hose (2009-12-07)
perfet replica - superb quality item.
Note. the L size will perfectly fit an XL calf size like me!



Excellent service! (2009-12-01)
These arrived in a very timely manner, and were of excellent quality for the price. I would reccomend them to anyone.

McNaul - CA
full hose (2009-11-20)
Very nice, good fit.

Saphire - US
Khaki Hose (2009-11-17)
Nice and warm and they fit around my calves! I thought wool hose were pretty uncomfortable till i gotthis pair that fit

Lewis - US
If the sock fits... (2009-11-16)
Sock it to me baby - I love these - I am gonna order more. So dang comfy and warm .

Lawrence - US
Khaki hose (2009-11-10)
Looks great, thanks

Worley - US
As per above... (2009-11-06)
My second pair...

Great fit, great look same as the first pair :-)

I take a US size 11 to 11 1/2 and the large size is a perfect fit

Griffiths - AU
Excellent Service! (2009-11-03)
Great quality, great price, and great service! I submitted a last-minute order for Halloween, and Jerry was very helpful in making sure I received my order in time.

KRM - Atherton CA, US
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