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Very quick action Thanks! (2010-09-01)
Very quick action! Thanks! The bag is very good condition,and nice packing. Once again, Thanks!

wolf - JP
Great authenticity (2010-08-22)
Great bag! It even SMELLS authentic! I just wish it came with a note on who the producer was.

Ludwigs - Denmark
mark 7 bag (2010-08-05)
It is what it is and its great!

Steve - melbourne
Indiana Jones bag (2010-08-02)
I love this bag. I plan on using it as a display base for a replica idol. I think I'm gonna have to get another one for myself hahahaha. Very fast shipping, and great customer service.

Bill - US
good product, good service (2010-07-21)
The bags arrived in a good condition, better than expected. Service was also good as the bags arrived very promptly. thanks!

Smith - AU
Indiana Jones bag MK VII (2010-07-17)
Bag is great. Now I feel like Indiana ... :). Superb condition. Year of manufacture 1942. Thank you very much. Fast shipping.

Sylwester P. - PL
The bag is in mint condition. It was given as a gift and the person loves it.

Walter, K - CA
MK VII (2010-07-12)
It was not waiting for her so wrinkled. I will have to iron it

Platero - ES
Mark VII (2010-07-11)
Fantastic shipping time and great bag. I'm very hapy with the quality and quickness of WPG.

Harrelson - US
Almost perfect (2010-06-21)
Very good and quick service. It was a present and the bag arrived perfectly on time! Although I had to say that the Bag's strap condition was not so good as I thought. Perfect considering that it's an old piece but I saw previously some in internet which looked really new! Anyway, Indy didn't wear new bags, did he? :)

Prez - ES
MK VII bag (2010-06-10)
Great item, swift delivery

Clarke - CA
happy with purchase (2010-06-09)
the item received is in excellent condition. Great handling and ship.

I might buy another!

Ortiz - US
Recomendable 100% (2010-05-31)
Me ha encantado. recomendable 100%. Si estás dudando en comprarla, adelante.

Javi Duro - ES
Mark VII (2010-05-13)
Excellent product, very fast shipping, THANKS!!

varty - CA
INDY!!!!!!! (2010-05-08)
It arrives early and is satisfactory though was an order from Japan it besides the desire.
It likes the bag by the quality item.

Lackie,JP - JP
MK VII (2010-04-30)
Quick delivery and an original vintage WWII bag in an awesome condition.
Thank you!

Zanger - DE
Mr (2010-04-25)
yeah mate that bag is deadly as, got here good an quick too, the price wasn't to bad either. Looks like you blokes have got some fair dinkum grouse old bits and bobs in that shop of yours. This customer is happier than hot cocky kak! Cheers ay keep up the good work 3 thumbs up to ya's!

graham - AU
Best place to but Mark VII (2010-04-05)
Perfect condition! Fast shipping and great communication. It''s amazing that these bags still are available to purchase. If your a indiana jones fan it''s the perfect bag for your costume!

Zane - USA
Best place to buy Mark VII! (2010-04-05)
Perfect condition! Fast shipping and great communication. It's amazing that these bags still are available to purchase. If your a indiana jones fan it's the perfect bag for your costume!  

Indyzane - US
The MK VII (MARK SEVEN) Bag ORIGINAL (2010-03-22)
The bag is in excellent condition, it really looks almost brand new. It definitely exceeded my expectations. The leather belt fits good and met the expected quality considering the price.
Very fast shipping and good service .... Thanks!!

Schmidt - DE
MK VII Bag (2010-03-22)
Excellent Condition. Very happy with order and WPG.

Watts - US
Very fast shipping! (2010-03-21)
The bag shipped very fast and the condition is remarkable. This will look great on archaeological sites!

Munro - CA
great service! (2010-03-11)
Best service ever!

Mackowiak - DE
MK VII Original (2010-02-25)
I was extremely pleased. Easily one of the best bags, condition-wise, I've owned. I hope to order more in the future!

Mike - US
The MK VII (MARK SEVEN) Bag ORIGINAL (2010-02-25)
Bag is perfect!

Bohannon - US
Thank you!! (2010-02-25)
It is a good bag!

Sato - JP
MK VII Bag (2010-02-16)
The bag is in mint condition and is obviously a very nice vintage piece, well built and preserved. I have first hand-washed it and since then i use it everyday. So far, so good.

douvry - FR
Mark VII bag (2010-02-07)
Quick and efficient service...Thnx

sheriff - GI
Perfect! (2010-02-03)
Great item. Excellent bag, very fast shipping.
Exceeds my expectations!

Mackowiak - DE
The MK VII (MARK SEVEN) Bag ORIGINAL (2010-02-02)
This is my third MK VII bag... I´ll save it for the future in case the other two get damage.
This one is in very very good state.No corrosion on metal parts and the fabric is absolutely perfect...
And almost not smell of old grandpa armchair XD!!!

Thank You! (2010-01-29)
The bag was just what I wanted. The second one was a gift. The delivery was lightning fast. Thank you guys.

Dimopoulos - GR
MKVII BAG (2010-01-09)
Exactly what I was looking for. The leather strap is very nice also. Thanks. -Peace

White - US
beyond all my expectations ! already ordered two others. Hard to believe those bags are almost 70 years old. Thak you so much WPG

Desmares - FR
Honest product, honest seller (2010-01-05)
This original Mark VI gas mask bag is the real thing. Delivery was fast and condition was perfect. When I expressed some dissatisfaction, Jerry immediately corrected the situation without hassle or argument. I'll be ordering more and recommending this site to others.

Katz - US
Mr (2009-12-22)
good colour and condition of bags(3 off) leather strap is nice quality too

Steven - GB
MK VII (2009-12-14)

very, vey good.

muy bien todo y sin problemas

ahora a disfrutar!!!!!

rubio - ES
Original Mk VII Bag (2009-12-12)
Excellent condition especially considering the age, looks brand new.
Fast service.

Moody - US
Mark VII "Indy" Bag (2009-12-01)
This WW2 gas mask bag was in extraordinarily good condition! Communications with the seller were prompt and succinct. Shipping was fast and the bag was well protected. Many thanks again, I look forward to future purchases.

Clutterbuck - AU
MK VII bag.. (2009-11-22)
Very quick transaction and the bag easily exceeded my expectations. Especially for something out of deep storage. Usually you can expect at least a stain or some light corrosion on items like these but there's none anywhere on this one. Appears to be 'like new' in excellent 'un-issued' condition.

Lee - US
Awsome (2009-11-20)
i only took a few days to get it and it was great!!

ellingsson - SE
The MK VII (MARK SEVEN) Bag ORIGINAL (2009-11-19)
It is fantastic. The delivery was very fast. This will be my Christmas gift to my boyfriend and he will love it.

Kavai - HU
sobre la bolsa y el pedido (2009-11-14)
muy rápido y la bolsa muy buena y bonita.
comprad si estáis a tiempo y quedan, no os arrepentiréis

rubio - ES
Faster, very good package... original 100% and better than I expected (2009-11-13)
Rápido, muy buen paquete... bolsa auténtica y original al 100%, y mucho mejor de lo que esperaba.

Lo recomiendo encarecidamente.

rubio - ES
Very good bag (2009-11-06)
The bag is absolutely perfect for the true indyfan.And the very fast delivery without any problems is fantastic. Thanks a lot.

Becker - DE
Great bag, just as described online, with loads of pockets and that authentic musty smell. Meticulously packaged and quick delivery. Excellent customer service.

Lowery - JP
The MK VII (MARK SEVEN) Bag (2009-10-30)
Excellent bag and very fast service. I am impressed and pleased.

Malone - US
Awesome bag (2009-10-27)
Awesome bag its exactly what I was looking for, exceeds expectations and fast shipping to boot. Thanks!

Mauro - US
Exactly what I was hoping for (2009-10-22)
This bag was exactly what I was looking for. Everywhere else had cheap knockoffs. But this is the real deal. Thanks!!!

Dubay - US
Good stuff! (2009-10-19)
Just what I expected! It is perfect for carrying my girly magazines in the field at events.

McNasty - US
Mark VII Bag Original (2009-10-13)
This is the 4th bag I've boughten from What Price Glory and I must say, Jerry never fails to impress me. The bag was EXACTLY what I requested and in wonderful condition. I must have a complex, because with Jerry's patience, willingness to oblige me in the details I wanted in the bags, and fast shipping, I'm tempted to buy more!

Thanks Jerry!

P.S: Anyone reading this - buy from Jerry! I've never come across a better seller in my entire life. He is top-notch and you WON'T be disappointed.

Rivinius - US
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