Better than the Competition (2022-12-10)
It’s a great cap. A tiny bit tight, but with wear it will be perfect. I made the mistake of buying a competitors version first. I should have known better. The other guys’ cap was asymmetrical and too stiff in the crown. The WPG cap is superior in every way, and once shipping was added, less expensive. Thanks WPG!

Adam - NC/USA
High quality (2020-07-16)
High quality product, shipping and service.

Roger - Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Very Impressed! (2020-02-19)
Like everything else I have purchased in the past from WPG, the quality of the material and the craftsmanship is far superior to almost anything else out there. It really surprised me to receive this good of a cap for what I paid. As a bonus, shipping was very fast as well!

DonB - US

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