brodie replacement liner (2021-03-12)
the best you can buy on the market, the rubber bumpers could be more 'hard' rubber instead of 'foamy' as the grommet portion of the rubber that goes through the headband hole are fragile. however, this is the best helmet liner available as of 2021. I bought from IMA and had to send their liners back, they are horrible. WPG fit your head and helmet with the proper depth and contrary to IMA each liner is marked with it's size WPG shipping is fast. This liner fits far enough on your head Buy it Again be careful with the rubber bumpers, I broke one of mine off simply trying to tuck the helmet netting under the bumper and the grommet tore which I had to epoxy to the headband.

oconnell - US
very good liner (2021-03-05)
this is a very good liner, not as deep as original or as sturdy components but way ahead of IMA liners. My only observation is the rubber bumpers on the liner band are a bit "foamy" rubber instead of the original 'hard' rubber bumpers. As such you have to be careful you don't rip the portion of the bumper that is forced through the eyelets of the head band... one of mine tore apart arranging my helmet net. The portion that goes through the headband is very fragile. It would be nice to include at least one replacement bumper as they are bound to deteriorate given how 'foamy' the construction is. All in all it's a great liner.

Danie - USA
Perfect liner (2021-02-02)
Perfect liner !

France - US
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