Authentic (2022-08-10)
This bag makes the costume. Received many compliments. But the leather strap for added authenticity.

Gottis - US
The bag is just the one I was looking for. (2022-03-07)
Thank you for the bag along with the leather strap, it look exactly like the one Indy had in the movies. Thank you very much.

Michael - Minnesota
Just what I was looking for! (2022-03-02)
So I have been on the hunt for a bag to walk with, something I can just pick up and go. Everything I looked for was to big, to much room, Strap was to short. I found this, The fact that Indy used it in the flicks is a perk. It came in amazing condition and super fast as well! Highly recommend this bag either for Cos Play or Daily use! As a note, I also ordered the leather strap with it.

Ben - Massachusetts, USA

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