Great item (2020-07-30)
I had an original hat I sold- as I need these for living history- construction is quite good, the celluloid graph/grid lenses very nicely done. It will work quite well for my intended use- U S Signal Corps / Punitive Expedition- but could also be “justified” for French Army signal corps wwi, and of course AEF. I certainly recommend the product, service and company. It is well constructed- equal in quality to the original- and NOT 100 years old.

Matt W - Texas
Very Good (2009-12-12)
Shipping was quick, and the item is very interesting. There's a spot in the back for two pens or pencils and a 4x6 (I think, might need to be 3x5) notepad. Still working on what I'll be using it for. Seems like it would be a useful item to take to meetings - use the map compartment for papers, the rear compartment for the notepad. Very nice item.

Jacob - US
m1910 leather mapcase (2009-09-24)

Exceedingly well made. I have never examined an original, so I can't vouch for the authenticity of details, but the construction and hardware are all consistent with period gear I am familiar with. Very, very cool. don't yet know what i will use it for, but a perfect use will come to light. Very pleased with this item.

Covais - US

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