They seem big but just wait (2024-03-20)
Like others I found these seemed big and ungainly out of the post, but after a cold water wash and overnight hang to dry they were perfect. Make sure to line them up and use a shoe-horn, but I hiked ten miles in them last week and I can say they are not only stylish but very comfortable.

Achtermann - US
Delighted (2023-11-16)
Superb, rare quality product and looking forward to their long life

Dyer - NZ
Big but nice (2023-05-05)
As others stated, these are big and wide. After warm wash in Woolite and no heat in the dryer and final air dry, they are not so long in foot but still wide. I tried them with four different WPG shoes (Brit ammo boots, Brit officer ammo boots, Brit repro plimsols and French 1916 boots) all size 10 for my 9.5W US feet and they fit great. Sadly, they are too thick for my US 10 chaplis sandals. Just too bulky to fit without squeezing. Chaplis would have to be 11US I think to fit but for me would be too large with any other socks and useless barefoot.
Very warm and and happy with them notwithstanding the chaplis fit.

Ed - Va, US

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