AMAZING! (2017-04-14)
Beautiful boots that look and fit great! Good for casual or even dress wear. They look great with the Indiana Jones trousers, or with any trousers really. No disappointments. Another awesome item from WPG!

Paul - Maryland/USA
Traditional Style and Smart Fit. (2016-09-22)
Super fast delivery to Melbourne. Arrived on a Sunday afternoon.
This is my second pair of the second run of these excellent boots.
Can only fault the 15mm brass buckle which makes it fiddly to fasten the strap. See my review of those I bought in 2011. That previous run of these Cavalry boots was a smart brassy tan with an 18mm strap buckle which is much easier to secure and undo. When after many months of rough wear the stitched leather soles start to part, they can be readily repaired. Hopefully WPG will offer a choice of either Tan or Chestnut in the future with the better buckles.

MAWMAN - Australia
Nice Boots! (2015-12-11)
I have been wearing these for a little while now. I like the nice, soft leather; it easily takes a spit shine and the boots look sharp. They tend to run slightly large and the inside of the buckles need to be smoothed so they don't chew up the leather strap. A good looking boot that is hard to find at double the price.

Harry - Cascadia

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