Very well made (2023-05-04)
Much better than the blanket-wool puttees that the other sites sell. These are woven like the originals and therefore have a good elasticity to them. They can be wrapped on properly and stay put.
WPG shipped these very fast, and communicated information on them (tracking, updates, etc), often.

crum - US
Reenactors need this change!! (2023-02-12)
I think the whole of the ww1 reenactment community would benefit if these puttees were in a khaki color that matched the uniform! They're good repros and there's nothing else on the market like these. Please, hear our request!

Emry - New York
very nice (2023-02-09)
the quality is nice,
this si my second pair I ordered two in order to sew them together since they have been out of the long size for some time now.


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