Brilliant (2021-11-30)
No hassle no problems item arrived on

Excellent (2020-06-14)
Way ahead of you! Already reviewed with 5 stars. Only fault I had with it were cross-head screws instead of slotted but I've rectified this

Thrush - UK
Almost perfect (2020-06-04)
The table arrived with WPG's usual efficiency and on assembly is commendably sturdy. The timber braces that give the top it's rigidity need a little tidying up as the notches for the bolts are a bit rough. The leather needs oiling but new leather always does. There's just one thing that bugs me. Cross head screws have been used!! Given the market is basically a bunch of stitch counting perfectionists, I'm surprised. Still, they are least fairly easy to replace. Given these don't turn up in great condition all that often, it's a decent purchase.

Rob - UK

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