Model 1904 saddle bags (2016-10-24)
Overall very nice copies. The fit to my McClellan saddle was good although I had to do a bit of trimming and thinning to make the the connecting leather web fit the saddle fittings. The leather was a bit stiff from storage but I was able to soften it up with leather treatment oils. he bags are very well assembled and the brass fittings are excellent replicas of the original. The bag liners and smaller ration bags are a nice touch. Good color. A nice product at a good price. Well worth the money.

Turner - US
M1904 saddle bags (2016-10-14)
Very nice quality,good color, excellent brass fittings properly blackened. Worth the money! They are now attached to my 1904 McClellan saddle.

Joseph - California
1904 saddlebags (2012-08-26)
Stunningly quick delivery... and good saddlebags. Perhaps smaller than expected, but in reality they are a neat and useful size. Full marks, all in all.

Byfield - GB

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