livraison rapide (2023-01-03)
Bed roll de qualité que je vais utiliser pour mes randonnées à cheval.
Dommage que les frais d'expédition soient si élevés.
Continuez de nous proposer des objets de cette qualité

Exceptional Quality (2022-10-25)
Bought my bedroll way back in 2016 and still use if for everything from living history to actual military exercises. Adjusted my fit out of the bedroll over the years and am really happy with how comfortable, warm and dry it is. Also handles being thrown into my 1943 Jeep and bounced around in the back. Easily one of the best pieces of kit I've owned.

Red - Australia
Amazing product (2022-10-01)
Purchased this to use for a British display and have ended up fudging historical accuracy a bit to use in all of my kits

Fantastically comfortable and easy to set up.

Need to provide your own blankets to stuff it with but I have 5 blankets and a pillow in mine and it is still very portable and relatively compact for how useful it is

Very much recommend

Dylan - Illinois

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