Nice shirt (2022-07-17)
Nice shirt. The size is perfect except for the sleeves. They are way too long. I am having a seamstress fix them.

Nowack - US
Lovely! (2022-05-04)
My father wore a shirt exactly like WPG's poplin offering when he flew P-47 Thunderbolts out of England in '43 and '44. He had to bury his shirt in a Belgian garden when became an evader from German capture. He made it back to to UK after his escape and evasion. I love this shirt!

Grosvenor - US
Fast Delivery (2021-08-27)
Not relly what I had expected. I can wear it as a civilian shirt, but it just doesn't look right for WW@ US Army officer. The color is off and the texture of the fabric is more like a polished synthetic rather than a cotton.

Schinleber - US

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