Excellent Reproduction (2020-12-26)
I am so pleased with this pouch. With it’s addition I now have the complete kit. WPG is the only source for Boer War kit for the Canadian soldier impression. I’ve noticed from period photos that colour of the pouch seems to vary so I don’t worry that the leather is a lighter shade. It will darken with use.

Enfield 577 - CA
Great Pouch (2018-07-13)
Great belt pouch. I don't reenact, but I use the pouch when hiking & camping. It holds almost all of the essential survival gear you want on your person at all times. With the two brass loops on the back, you can also use the pouch as a small shoulder bag. Finally, construction is fantastic. I think I could throw this pouch off a mountain and it would survive fine.

Jebediah the GyroCaptain - Northern Illinois
Canadian 1899 Pattern Oliver Leather Ammo Pouch (2015-02-19)
Excellent quality and value. You really could not make a better reproduction. Museum quality In time for the centennial of the Great War. Thanks!

Webb - CA

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