Waterbottle. (2021-12-07)
The waterbottle is an exact replica of the early ww1 one and is very well made! Nicely blue enamalled and good to go with my Patt.39 leather webbing! The cover is made of felt and also of good quality!

van Peter - NL
Fast Delivery, as always (2021-07-19)
Fast delivery, as is the custom for WPG orders. The bottle is exactly what you'd expect, and was exactly as it is pictured.

Allen - US
Very nice indeed...... (2020-10-08)
My water bottle arrived in good time and is of the same great quality as every other item I've purchased from, EPG.......now to get, Jerry, to produce a line of quality Great War (early and mid-war) French Officers & Enlisted uniforms and individual pieces, such as:

la Capote (Greatcoat)
la Pantalon-Culottes (Culotte-Trousers)
les Bandes Molletières (Leggings)
la Chemise (Shirt)
le Caleçon (Underdrawers)
la Cravate (Neck Tie)
le Ceinture de Flanelle (Flannel Waist-Wrap)
les Chausettes (Socks)
les Bretelles (Suspenders

There are literally no sites in the US that produce WW1 French uniforms and/or individual pieces and almost none anywhere else in the world. And what is available is of a great variety of hit and miss at best!

Shouse - US

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