fast delivery (2023-04-03)
came fast and looks great

Ludemann - US
Not the right size (2022-06-04)
I love it, but was sent the wrong size, I ordered a XL but was sent a XXL. Other then that I love it

Lauerman - US
The next best thing (2022-03-17)
Of course AFTER I ordered two of these, I found my stash of originals. But this allowed me to do a side by side comparison. Jerry’s veils are really good. I got mine wet, added some fabric softener and then while wet stretched them over a metal stool GENTLY but firmly. My originals are much more lightweight and the square ‘holes’ a bit bigger. Stretching while wet and allowing the veil to dry goes a long way towards softening and expanding the holes a bit. There is a LOT of material here for the money. The veil IS colorfast and the colors are very good. For reenacting, this is an EXCELLENT option and a great value. With a little effort, these can be made to look and feel 70+ years old if that is your need.

Griff - Colorado, USA

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