A great repro, but expect to spend more money to finish. (2018-08-19)
This is a superb jacket, very close to the originals I have owned.

A couple of issues though - firstly it is not, as state supplied with the braid needed for "any rank". It only comes with chevron braid, however ranks from Major and above always had a thin khaki piping braid between the lines of chevron braid, this is not supplied so you will have to source elsewhere if you want anything higher than captain.

There is a great deal of tailoring required to fit the cuff ranks which come in kit form, the entire lower sleeve must be dismantled and rebuilt... don't buy unless you are competent at tailoring or willing to pay a military tailor to fit them.

The sizing is waaaaaay out. I have a 44 inch chest but (after talking to WPG staff) I ordered a size 40 which fits me perfectly around the chest... but will need tailoring at the wast as it also has a 44 inch waist!

If you are willing to put the work in this makes a great jacket, just don't expect it to work off the peg.

Chisholm - UK
In good time. (2016-11-14)
Item arrived in good time as advertised. Very pleased with it.

Cruickshank - UK
Brilliant (2015-01-16)
I bought the last in stock........wanted a 44" but not available but Wajid in the Dubai warehouse offered me a 42" and supplied measurements of the item laid flat.......it measured 48" despite being advertised as a 42" ! But I still went for it.......comms via email with the Dubai warehouse were superb...staff so helpful.........ordered on a wednesday and product with me by Monday in the UK.......it was indeed big !!!! BUT, rather this than too small......and plenty of room to tailor and adjust the fit.........tailoring, fabric weave, weight and colour were spot-on, as was the lining and detail.......even had the whistle-pocket and leather tab to attach, field-dressing pocket and supporting buttons for the external lower "bag" pockets.............brilliant !!!!! With a bit of wear and correct insignia applied this could easily pass for an original ! I didn't use the rank braid supplied as have some original tape of a better size and colour...plus rank insignia.........body now tailored to fit, cuff-rank applied and original period leather buttons also fitted.........whip-cord is the way to go with these Jerry !!! Alsolutely superb.........thank you for manufacturing these, you need to make more ! Bin the barathea version and concentrate solely on whipcord.............apart from the over-generous sizing, no issues here and absolutely superb copy............fantastic service from Wajid at the Dubai warehouse too...........thanks again Jerry !

Steve - England
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