Very Well Done and Useful (2016-10-19)
I've been scouring eBay, etsy and other places for these ... WPG is the best!

Michael B - US
Button Perfect (2016-05-06)
These buttons are perfect for the tunics and if you wish, any knitting you are doing on the side. They have leather attachments rather than plastic or metal eyelets/rings for fastening to material which isn't a bad thing as plastic tends to break and metal can rust and need rings to fasten to tunic off side where as the leather can be fasten with a safety pin. The big ones are not good for chest tunic pockets or epaulets but you can get by if you don't intend to fasten and refasten all that often. A good quality product.

Mickey G - Sydney Australia
I worked in sales, a (2015-11-30)
I worked in sales, and for a while, had a sales mangaer that I particularly liked. I found out, after several years, that he had been as platoon leader with Merrill's Marauders. He never talked about it. I never doubted him, but confirmed that he really was, and had a Silver Star that he never discussed. If he was as good a platoon leader as he was a sales mangaer, his men were lucky, indeed.

Stifler - 6nFN607PqD

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