Decent Reproduction (2018-01-22)
The cover did not fit well the first time on, but after taking it on and off a few times it stretched out and became easier, it's still not easy to get on, but fits nice once on. The leather strap is made well except the extra keeper tab is sewn onto the strap and not around the cover like originals, meaning that the strap can therefore come off and be lost, the originals were sewn so the strap could be undone and slide, but not removable so as not to get lost. Furthermore the pan was somewhat thin and chipped easy around the edges, but that is to be expected with these. For the price it's pretty well unbeatable, was surprised by the size (looked smaller in the pic) and came quickly, very impressed so far, despite the things mentioned above, all of which were pretty fixable.

Bryan - US
Mighty Nice (2015-12-03)
Getting the cover on first time was a bit of a chore, but it fits like a drum. Excellent item, came very fast, thus I am very pleased ...

Michael B. - US

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