Solid boots (2024-04-30)
These b5 boots were very comfortable when they came. The roughout leather varied in how "rough" they are from the uppers and the vamp, but both boots are consistent with one another. When dubbed they look and feel fantastic. The clicking of the hobnails and heel irons is a great experience. Solid boots that will take a beating

Mikolajczyk - US
Very nice boots (2023-06-21)
A very nice, functional repro of the B5 boot. There's lots of room around the toes, the soles are solid, and the uppers are thick enough to take the hammer they'll be getting. They've taken a good coating of dubbin and look just right. Very pleased.

Dickinson - FR
Sizes are confusing (2021-06-26)
I typically wear a US size 10.5 shoe, so I ordered the size 10 boots thinking they would fit snugly. They were a full inch and a half too roomy in the toe, so I reordered the size 9. They fit much better than the size 10 did. Good quality make, looking forward to breaking them in.

Spencer - PA

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