Nice (2022-03-29)
nice overall belt, very fast shipping

Harms - US
Web belt (2021-09-28)
The only web belt that has the correct style buckle. All others that I’ve bought use Chinese copies of the Vietnam war field buckle which does not look at all lie a way 2 buckle. This buckle is great! Made of steel almost exactly like the late war buckles. And the belt is thick, nicely woven. Weave looks very close to originals. The color goes through belt, does not have the white threads in middle like many repros have. It is slightly more khaki than I would prefer- a bit more green would give it perfection for me. But saying that , this is the belt ww2 repro belt I’ve ever bought. Well done WPG!

Mc - US
5. (2021-07-12)
Perfect service in every way

Rice - US

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