Para smock (2021-12-20)
Excellent! Big size 6,7 feet tall and 3xl fits excellent!

Eduard - NL
Fantastic Smock (2021-11-01)
Recieved the smock in less than a week. Excellent color and stitching. Happy to see retaining snaps on the rear for the tailOnly thing that bugged me about my 1st Pattern (pullover) Dennison Smock. The full zip is smooth and makes the smock much more versatile and easier to take on and off. I've seen pictures of Monty wearing a smock modded like this in old WW2 photos. Only thing that would make it better would be if they could make a knitted wool collar like officer's smocks had. (How about it, Jerry Lee?)

Eric - Kentucky, United States
Quality Denison Smock (2021-07-20)
Really impressed with this quality Denison smock reproduction. Great colour, superb detail and super fast delivery. Highly recommended. Thank you WPG

Dyer - UK

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