Great holster (2021-07-19)
Excellent service
Excellent delivery
Excellent quality of the product I ordered.
Thank you very much I will be placing further orders

Dunn - AU
Fine quality (2021-05-05)
The Colt 1911 fits great after letting it sit overnight, in a plastic bag, in the wet leather, as many others have suggested.
Very nicely made.

Ball - US
Good for the Price (2021-01-28)
I ordered one of WPG's 1916 holsters the same day I ordered one of their holsters for the 1909/1917 revolver. Of the two, this was the superior product. In terms of construction, it's a faithful reproduction of the M1916 holster. Initially, my .45 would only fit with a lot of effort and with the slide locked in place with the safety engaged. However, after a couple of days that was no longer an issue. I used a coat of neetsfoot oil and a light amount of olive oil and I am pleased with the result. That said, as with the M1909/17 holster I received from the same firm, this holster was finished with a sort of pebbled leather, not unlike that seen with certain finished upholstery leathers. Most leather has some texture to it, obviously, but in comparing this holster to other holsters I have from El Paso Saddlery and other US makers, I can only describe the WPG holster as "pebbled."

Dolan - US

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