Great repro (2021-07-18)
I bought this reproduction kurta because the real ones of WWI are so hard to find. I'm using this to make a dressed mannequin of a soldier of the regular Arab Army during the Arab Revolt of 1916-1918. The soldiers were issued with kurtas and various bits of British equipment, belts and bandoliers, along with the Arab headdress.
The WPG kurta will work perfectly.

Berton - US
Fast & Superb quality! BUT... read on... (2019-05-11)
I love your products, but I have one quibble. You need to state (BOLD) that "civilian" clothing sizes do NOT match the exacting standards of the 'old' military. I routinely buy 'civilian' clothing in 'L' or 'XL'. Sadly, your items bought at such sizes are always far too big. Your website needs to contain (1) an international clothing size chart, PLUS (2) instructions re how to measure sizes (old school). This addition can only add to customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, I debate whether to re-order my kurta in 38 or 36...
Ralph Morrison

Morrison - PL
Unique oppertunity to wear history (2018-04-18)
A very nice, comfortable, and hard to find uniform addition, Can have chains added for a Bengal Lancer fighting Kurta uniform. Fit perfect for my size and arm length. I do hope that WPG adds to the possibility with turbans and waist belts, maybe start a British Indian Army reenactment groups throughout the world, as one can only hope.

Hanchett - US

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