Film accurate pants. (2022-05-08)
The pants are, from what I can tell between these and the films, are film accurate. They are overall comfortable to wear in cold, and in warm weather conditions. Thank you again WPG for these amazing products.

Michael - Minnesota
They look the part (2021-11-10)
The odd thing about these pants are the back pockets. They are really far apart and are more hip than back pockets which make one look like they have a wide ass

Wortham - US
Excellent quality, inconsistent color (2021-09-16)
So, I purchased a pair of the lightweight trousers in size 36, and another pair a month later in size 38. Both are high quality, but they differ considerably in color. I prefer the color of the size 36 pants, which are closer to the shade of original military "pinks", but am satisfied with the color of the other pair as well. Just an observation.

Craig - US

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