WPG strikes another point (2022-10-31)
Sturdy is the word. I’ve tried a lot of WPG socks during time: out of curiosity, out of historical passion, out of utility (outdoor work, as a daily job) so I usually stretch them to the limit. Those ones they’re the best I’ve tried up to date for their kind. As noted in previous review, they’re very indian army, yes, but sensibly sturdier than the indian long wool socks and as well quite uncomfortable if worn skin-contact. I as a rule always wear boot socks with a thinner sock, cushioned or simply woolen, as layer: boot socks are not dress socks, they’re basically a padding, in my understanding; so I recommend this way too, as previously noted. Also I suggest a size up rather than fitting, because they’ll simply last longer. I’m very satisfied, beyond the first impression.

Great socks (2021-05-12)
Great socks, really look the part for WW2 era. The colour shade makes them look almost identical to British originals

B - UK
very fast delivery! (2021-05-03)
Absolutely excellent quality and very fine for wearing during reenacting same in civilian life :)

Drabi - CZ

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