Cool. (2022-09-09)
Always wanted something like it!

Thompson  - US
Love this shirt (2022-06-27)
Its a good quality shirt and I love the pattern. Goes really well with the trousers. The shipping was so fast, I'm a major fan of WPD after seeing the quality as well.

Foster - US
Nicely made product with a few problems (2022-05-16)
The Rhodesian general service shirt is nicely made, historically accurate. Only one problem, the sewing on the buttons is crap. Half of them fell off the first time the shirt was washed and those remaining were about to fall off. Easy fix, resew ALL the buttons before using. Not a problem but you shouldn’t have to resew all the buttons on a new garment.

Other than the button issue, good bit of kit.

Byrn - US

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